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Shhh...It's a Secret!

In life, you get what you want. Really. Think about it.... The way your life is, truthfully, you wanted it that way. If you wanted something different you would have changed things. When was the last time you were late for something? Chances are, if you were late for it twice you didn't really want it. While we know we can control our attitude & effort there's something else going on. You've probably heard of the universal law of attraction. You've probably been curious as to what it is.

Future You

Leonard Bernstein's father was asked in an interview if he supported his son's aspirations in music. He answered with a lukewarm response. The interviewer was shocked and asked "why not?". He responded...Because, how was I supposed to know he would become Leonard Bernstein? He's right, we don't know how our kids lives will go. We protect, guide & nurture and then wait & watch. It's not quite the same with ourselves. We are intimately involved with our own decisions & actions.

2 Types of Leadership

The most simple definition of leadership is...leadership is influence. Everyone has it. Do you know why you're using it? If your why is off then the how won't matter. Patrick Lencioni consistently delivers & his latest book is no exception! In "The Motive" he shifts his focus on helping us understand the importance of why we're leading in the first place. He presents... There are 2 reasons people want to become a leader: to do whatever is needed to serve the people OR for rewards like...

Acquiescence or Agreement

Nobody goes into meetings thinking... Let's make some bad decisions today! Collaboration is a must to move any enterprise forward. Decisions on how & what to do are largely made in meetings. Whether deciding on innovation or the stability of continuity, the input of everyone is essential. Acquiescence is a silent or passive assent or submission. Agreement is an understanding between entities to follow a specific course of conduct. Silence from the team is acquiescence . This leads to the...


Our biological need to trust is strong. We approach situations with an almost automatic seeking of a transaction to occur. Knowing how we approach our daily interactions is important for creating moments of clarity that fit with our values. Naive & Distrust Some of us approach awarding our trust from a place of distrust making it hard for others to convince us we should place our trust in them. Some of us approach from a more naive place that can make it hard for us when trust is fragile...

Good Soil!

The people we surround ourselves with are more valuable than words can often express. Recently, an old friend popped into my mind so I reached out to catch up. He was amazing, generous & supportive as always. We spoke about many things but the most prevalent & surprising was workplace culture. He spent some 27 years in the newspaper business only to be unceremoniously let go in the name of “progress”. Their loss was another’s gain. His one-of-a-kind voice & magnetic temperament...

Impact Collaborative Announces Rev-Up Your Virtual Leadership Series for Extension Professionals Leading Five or More Peers

For 2021, the eXtension Foundation’s Impact Collaborative program is hosting a series available to eXtension Foundation member institutions . This series is led by Karl Bradley, Leadership Development Specialist, eXtension Foundation. Last year we all pivoted quickly as we redefined how to accomplish our work almost exclusively in shared virtual spaces. The topics in this series are a result of our work with individuals & teams from across Cooperative Extension wondering: What does...


We've all seen graphics detailing the differences between a boss & leader . There are indeed many distinct qualities separating these roles with the primary being responsibility. The more of it you have in any given enterprise can define the overarching role you provide. What many have realized is that you can be an amazing boss but ineffective as a leader. Leadership is the choice to positively influence those around you regardless of position, title, standing, rank or responsibility...

FREE Course: The Science of Well-Being

Offered by Yale University, taught by Laurie Santos , delivered by Coursera! Course Description In this course you will engage in a series of challenges designed to increase your own happiness and build more productive habits. As preparation for these tasks, Professor Laurie Santos reveals misconceptions about happiness, annoying features of the mind that lead us to think the way we do, and the research that can help us change. You will ultimately be prepared to successfully incorporate a...

Simple Plan that Matters

Time is not a renewable resource. It seems we never have enough. This isn't anything new, it's an age old issue. While no amount of money ever bought us a second of time, here's a simple concept that could...for free. Don't touch anything twice. Open the email, move it on. Get the laundry out of the dryer, put it away. Get those everyday tasks done & move on. Don't wait for the timing to be just right or when you're in the mood. Choose putting effort (time) into opportunities of the...


During an assignment in Japan we had the chance to see many foreign & U.S. dignitaries. On one such visit, the Chief of Staff of the Air Force (a 4-Star General) visited. The Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force traveled with him & it's his comments I'd like to share. He began his talk by saying there are some things that keep him up at night like suicides, domestic violence and assaults. The point he made was that none of these are indications we are living in to our core values.

Motivational Messages

Inspiration can come from anywhere at anytime. Words have power. Power to cause action. Action that causes change. Change that helps us transition to a preferred future state. This ripple effect takes place every day yet we know being the change begins with something between your ears. Have your words caused this chain reaction? Have others' words had a profound effect that caused you to act? While you ponder those questions, ponder the action that was inspired by these messages. "If your...

Get More Done in '21!

Wow, there was a ton thrown at us in 2020 and we're all looking forward to a new start in the new year. With every new year comes a new beginning, thinking about priorities & how to accomplish our meaningful choices. The attachment in this post from Hubspot highlights some aspects from their blog post on " How to stop the most common productivity prohibitors" Make Every Minute Count Keep Your Workspace Tidy Get Laser-Focused Reset & Recharge If you're curious about time-blocking or...


At this time our thoughts are often thrust into pondering meaningful ways to focus the upcoming year. We are bombarded with things others feel we should “value” but these decisions should be personal. A couple of years ago I shared my New Year’s resolutions with my wife & she in turn shared hers. At the top of her list was having more patience but the one that sticks in my mind is this… “I will love myself…..after I lose 5 pounds!” 🤣 Too funny, but telling at the same time. We often...

Leadership Lessons from Santa Claus

Couldn't resist one more post, especially when it's about the magical, mystical person who is Santa Claus! Here's a summary of how he gets big things done in his workshop all year long... The Leadership Secrets of Santa Claus by Eric Harvey He's delivering right now...follow his journey here ! Thanks @Scott Reed for sharing & for your continued service to Cooperative Extension! *Summary from Get Abstract


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