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The hardest part of leadership development is behavior change. It's hard, not impossible. Haven't met a single person who isn't capable of interpersonal behavior change. We all can do it!

Step #1 is awareness. If we're not aware we can't put efforts in place to make meaningful growth happen. Feedback is the breakfast of Champions!

Step #2 is don't be so hard on yourself. We will all mess up. Great leadership is allowing people to fail but not allowing them to feel like a failure along the way.

"The person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be."
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Consider This

  • Leadership is Influence (thanks John Maxwell!)
    • Your behaviors are the impact you have on others
  • Our influence is felt by others through our behaviors
    • What you do every day supports the person you want to be
  • Our behaviors are driven by our core values
    • Your core values are an expression of what you expect of yourself every day

Every day we take steps toward or away from the person we want to be. Don't waste a single moment or opportunity. When you do, those moments become regrets. You don't want to compile regrets, you want to compile impacts!

Your Impact!

Write down what leadership is to you.

Write down what you're doing every day that connects with what leadership is to you.

Next, put what you're doing on that list in three categories:

  • Great
    • Actions you are really proud of!
  • Good
    • Actions you should do more of
  • Needs Work
    • Actions not happening well or missing

Get feedback from someone you trust about the items on your list. From this conversation, make an action item list you can commit to doing. Ask yourself every day how you're doing on those action items. Without some structure, you won't make progress.

Ideas for Structure

  • Setting alarms/reminders on your phone with your action items
  • Setting up tasks on your calendar with your action items
  • Use an app or browser extension with your action items

We're all at some place on the spectrum of growth. Be honest with yourself about where you are and make a commitment to act on what moves you closer to who you want to be. You can do it! The best version of yourself is the leader we need!

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