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2024 National Urban Extension Conference Presentation Update

Individual Presentations Individual oral presentations on topics related to the conference theme or other topical areas of interest will be 15 minutes in duration. Each room will have a moderator to maintain time restrictions which will allow all presenters to use allotted time and enable attendees to attend multiple sessions. Presentations should be succinct, with well-developed concepts, applications, and results. Presentations will be grouped by topic for 60 minutes sessions. Panel...

Recruiting: Assistant Professors in Urban Forestry at Oregon State University

The Oregon State University Department of Forest Ecosystems and Society in the College of Forestry is recruiting 2 full-time (1.0 FTE), 12-month, Assistant Professors of Practice in Urban Forestry. Forests in urban areas provide valuable ecosystem services. The expansion of urban areas coupled with growing recognition of the importance of forests, trees, and green infrastructure in these regions makes more critical than ever urban foresters who can help plan and maintain sustainable and...

Unearthing Financial Trauma

Transitioning into 2024 marked a new year. Many of us saw the new year as an opportunity to start fresh, but financial hardships and losses can have a lasting impact on our mental health. This type of impact leads to unforeseen trauma. Often, we make resolutions to hit the ground running in the new year, but old habits die hard, mainly when these habits are deeply rooted in our psyche. Let us be realistic: We all plan to go to the gym on January first; we even go shopping over the holiday...

Backyard Poultry Certification Course

Interest in keeping backyard poultry for personal and family food security has steadily increased over the past decade. Many cities and municipalities require a certificate for residents to keep backyard poultry. Increased numbers of youth are raising chickens and turkeys for 4-H livestock projects. Maybe you just want to learn more about the keeping of a backyard flocks. Whatever your reason, OSU Extension has you covered with this Backyard Poultry Certification Course that discusses...

UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND: FCS Program Leader (Principal Agent and Assistant Director)

Job Post Here: Colleagues and friends, I just want to float this job announcement to the top of your emails. The University of Maryland Extension (UME), within the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources (AGNR) seeks a nationally recognized leader in Extension, outreach, and scholarship to serve as Assistant Director and Program Leader (AD/PL) for Family & Consumer Sciences (FCS) . This position provides leadership and direction for UME’s FCS...

National Extension Climate Initiative needs Beta Testers for Climate Curriculum

Have you wanted to learn more about climate change yourself, and how to help your clientele address the impacts it can cause? Since we first came together, members of the National Extension Climate Initiative have seen the need for climate training across the Cooperative Extension system. Our formal NECI objective is to: Promote climate education and research throughout the extension system. We have selected the EcoActUs certificate curriculum for beta testing among...

Cloudy County Extension - Cloud Training Built for Extension

Hello extension! I'm a systems administrator in Florida supporting our research, teaching, and extension programs. In addition to my regular "sysadmin" duties I've found that I really love teaching our extension agents about the "cloud". Together with my co-worker Joe Gasper we've been holding monthly training sessions for just over three years. In that time much of our university has learned the power of the cloud and ways to use new tools that make your digital life a little bit easier.

Financial Health: What It Is and How to Achieve It

Extension educators are in a position to help consumers build financial health. This post describes what financial health is, how to assess it, and twelve steps to achieve it. What Is Financial Health? Financial health is the current state of someone’s finances. It includes both daily financial functioning (e.g., paying bills) and long-term resilience and opportunity. Like physical health, financial health can change over time and needs to be assessed regularly. According to the Financial...

Getting Started with the Extension Foundation

At the request of Cooperative Extension professionals, the Extension Foundation has developed an interactive tool to help Land-grant university professionals get familiarized with the Extension Foundation, its tools, national funded programs, services, and learn how the Foundation can be a partner in making a greater impact on local issues. The Extension Foundation serves all 112 Land-grant universities in the United States regardless of membership. Extension Foundation members receive...

Tips to Build a Diversified Investment Portfolio

A key theme in investing that never goes out of style is building a diversified portfolio to reduce investment risk. Below are eight key investing concepts for Extension educators to suggest to their clients: Quantify Your Goals - Encourage clients to write down their goals with the projected cost and a time deadline. Doing this will help them select appropriate investments and provide the motivation required today to set money aside for the future. Discuss Risk - Explain that investment...

Extension Skills: Podcasting Basics with Aaron Weibe Follow-up

The Impact Collaborative's new professional development series, Extension Skills , invites members to attend every month to learn new tech skills, processes, and other training from experts in Cooperative Extension. This month's Extension Skills session was “Podcasting Basics: What You Need to Get Started” led by Aaron Weibe . Aaron covered the basics of getting a podcast started including the software and hardware needed, audio editing, and how to upload and broadcast your podcast to...

Southern University AgCenter 2nd Annual Emergency Preparedness, Response and Recovery Virtual Conference Webinar Series

Save the Date(s) for the 2nd Annual Emergency Preparedness, Response and Recovery Virtual Webinar Series hosted by the Southern University AgCenter. Please share this flyer within your networks and communities. Registration links are forthcoming. #emergencypreparedness #disasterpreparedness #conference #webinar

Southern University AgCenter 2nd Annual Emergency Preparedness, Response and Recovery Virtual Conference Webinar Series

Save the Date(s) for the 2nd Annual Emergency Preparedness, Response and Recovery Virtual Webinar Series hosted by the Southern University AgCenter. Please share this flyer within your networks and communities. Registration links are forthcoming. #emergencypreparedness #disasterpreparedness #conference #webinar


About the Extension Foundation

The Extension Foundation was formed in 2006 by Extension Directors and Administrators. Today, the Foundation partners with Cooperative Extension through liaison roles and a formal plan of work with the Extension Committee on Organization and Policy (ECOP) to increase system capacity while providing programmatic services, and helping Extension programs scale and investigate new methods and models for implementing programs. The Foundation provides professional development to Cooperative Extension professionals and offers exclusive services to its members. In 2020 and 2021, the Extension Foundation has awarded 85% of its direct funding back to the Cooperative Extension System, 100% of funds are used to support Cooperative Extension initiatives. 

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