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Using Mass Media for Extension Messaging

This group is for a 2019-2020 New Technologies for Ag Extension (NTAE) project led by the National Pesticide Safety Education center with partial support from the eXtension Foundation. The project is focused on using Mass Media - radio and digital ads- to drive the public to Extension resources.

Mass Media Team Creates Pollinator Prep Guide


The first day of summer is right around the corner, and the National Pesticide Safety Education Center (NPSEC) has been working hard with Prairie View A&M Cooperative Extension Service to help Texas prep for pollinators!

 It’s been awhile since our last webinar back in April, and we’re pleased to announce an update on our Pollinator Pilot Campaign:

 Over the last few weeks, Kara Maddox, Creative Director for NPSEC, has led the charge with Prairie View A&M's Nathan Hermond, lead entomologist on the Pollinator Pilot Campaign. Together, the team created the Pollinator Prep Guide to help folks identify, attract and protect pollinators in their backyard and gardens this summer.

This duo is finishing up a Pollinator Personality Quiz (which pollinator are you?), as well as a Backyard Garden Blueprint to help folks build pollinator gardens around their homes.

Check out the top designs for the Pollinator Prep Guide below – vote on the design you like best!

 With Pollinator Week (June 22-28) right around the corner, we plan to launch our Pollinator Pilot Campaign in the next few weeks. We have four networks ready to promote pollinator messaging across Texas through Blackhawk Audio, Gow Media, Learfield IMG and Land.US. We’ve finalized radio scripts, and plan to finish our digital pieces this week!

 Stay tuned for more updates. We will host a second webinar coming up on June 17th (1:00-  2:00 PM Central) to talk about the content creation process. How did NPSEC help Prairie View A&M Cooperative Extension transform content they already had to engage with millions? Join our webinar to find out more!

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