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February 2021

Cornell Extension LIVCO Project Team Finds Impact Collaborative Was “An amazing team building opportunity”

A team from Cornell Cooperative Extension (CCE) of Livingston County came together at the recent eXtension Foundation Impact Collaborative Summit. Their association is situated on a park-like campus of more than one hundred acres. They had an idea of turning their campus into a learning laboratory for the community, with demonstration gardens and more. The team was one of 25 groups from across the country that participated in the first ever virtual Impact Collaborative Summit , held in...

A Plan to Stick Together

"So much of what we call management consists of making it difficult for people to work." -Peter Drucker We never really get clarity, we're always seeking it. Here are some points of clarity to help bring people together because... "We don't have to do it all alone...we were never meant to." -Brene' Brown Leadership vs Management Let's stop calling leadership, management & management, leadership. Management is for resources, leadership is for people. The Scarcity of Time When a critical...

Results from the January 2021 Farm Journal Story Lead Contest

Last year, the Extension Foundation launched a monthly story lead contest in partnership with Farm Journal in the Farm Journal Monthly Story Lead Contest sub group here in Connect Extension. Monthly winners, along with their Extension Directors and Administrators, have the chance to work with Farm Journal to further develop their story and have it published in Farm Journal media. The topic area for the January 2021 contest was about Ecosystem Service Supporting Practices & Opportunities...

3 Hard Things to Say

If you like sports at all you've likely seen or read something from this person. He's the simply smart & wildly witty Woody Paige ! A while back his chalkboard had this wisdom: Yep, you guessed it, we're going to unpack these a bit! I need help. When people don't feel safe enough to admit they need others to do their work, fear is dominating. When fear is present our brains are in flight/flight/freeze mode helping us make "survival" decisions. This works against us when collaborating is...

Handful to Ponder

It's not about you It's all about you It's about what you're doing for others & how your intentions provide the evidence of your authentic intentions. Realizing & doing them is leadership to me. Behavior Change The hardest part about leadership development. The start is what stops most people. Coach People Fix Processes You don't have to be better than another person to help them, to coach them. You just have to care a whole awful lot. Help people do their work by removing the...

Shhh...It's a Secret!

In life, you get what you want. Really. Think about it.... The way your life is, truthfully, you wanted it that way. If you wanted something different you would have changed things. When was the last time you were late for something? Chances are, if you were late for it twice you didn't really want it. While we know we can control our attitude & effort there's something else going on. You've probably heard of the universal law of attraction. You've probably been curious as to what it is.

Future You

Leonard Bernstein's father was asked in an interview if he supported his son's aspirations in music. He answered with a lukewarm response. The interviewer was shocked and asked "why not?". He responded...Because, how was I supposed to know he would become Leonard Bernstein? He's right, we don't know how our kids lives will go. We protect, guide & nurture and then wait & watch. It's not quite the same with ourselves. We are intimately involved with our own decisions & actions.

2 Types of Leadership

The most simple definition of leadership is...leadership is influence. Everyone has it. Do you know why you're using it? If your why is off then the how won't matter. Patrick Lencioni consistently delivers & his latest book is no exception! In "The Motive" he shifts his focus on helping us understand the importance of why we're leading in the first place. He presents... There are 2 reasons people want to become a leader: to do whatever is needed to serve the people OR for rewards like...

Acquiescence or Agreement

Nobody goes into meetings thinking... Let's make some bad decisions today! Collaboration is a must to move any enterprise forward. Decisions on how & what to do are largely made in meetings. Whether deciding on innovation or the stability of continuity, the input of everyone is essential. Acquiescence is a silent or passive assent or submission. Agreement is an understanding between entities to follow a specific course of conduct. Silence from the team is acquiescence . This leads to the...


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