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Future You


Leonard Bernstein's father was asked in an interview if he supported his son's aspirations in music.  He answered with a lukewarm response.  The interviewer was shocked and asked "why not?".  He responded...Because, how was I supposed to know he would become Leonard Bernstein?

He's right, we don't know how our kids lives will go.  We protect, guide & nurture and then wait & watch.  It's not quite the same with ourselves.  We are intimately involved with our own decisions & actions.  These can follow our curiosities, passions, talents, innate skills & abilities.  Sometimes, it's hard to stop ourselves from thinking about what things will be like in the future.  We know we're helpless the change the past.  At the same time, the future only exists in the wonderings of our mind.  What new technology will be around?  Will there still be cars in 20 years?  What will be doing?  Eventually, these questions lead to pondering:  Will I have accomplished the goals I have for myself?  In 6 months?  In 1 year?  In 5 years?

Now you can check-in with yourself using Future Me!  After you vision-cast & set your goals, write yourself an email.  Schedule it for anytime you'd like in the future; 2 weeks, 2 months or 2 years.  Reading something from your past self could be just the perspective you need to go confidently in the direction of your dreams because...

"We are professionals at what we do, amateurs at who we want to become."  -Marshall Goldsmith

What would the person you want to become be doing in the future?  Choose a path, take action & don't forget to check-in once in a while!

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