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Shhh...It's a Secret!


In life, you get what you want.  Really.  Think about it....

The way your life is, truthfully, you wanted it that way.  If you wanted something different you would have changed things.  When was the last time you were late for something?  Chances are, if you were late for it twice you didn't really want it.  While we know we can control our attitude & effort there's something else going on.

You've probably heard of the universal law of attraction.  You've probably been curious as to what it is.  You've probably wondered if it actually applies to your life.  Wonder no does & here it is!

Be + Do = Have

  • In order to have we have to do
  • In order to do we have to be

Let's say you've always wanted to be an author.  Following the formula looks like this...

  • BE = Telling yourself & deciding that you are an author
  • DO = What do authors do?  They write!
  • HAVE  = What do authors have?  Books!

I'm an author.  Now I start writing.  Eventually I'll have a book.

Not following the formula would be like trying to get Chicago & not realizing you're already there.  You'd just keep walking until you figure out you're where you need to be already.  Stop going in circles!

You are what you want right now.  Follow your heart & your body will catch up.  You have to go for it, you're cheating yourself & others if you don't.

Everything in your grasp isn't meant for you to have though.  Once you decide, remember this:  It's a myth that if you work hard you'll beat the competition.  You can't run your best race by being concerned about the other people.  Instead, ask yourself what you can create.  You have to do you and remember everything you do is inherently original.  Your viewpoint is just as viable as everyone else's.

Courage begets more courage.  Use your strength for good.  Shame wants punishment or revenge & guilt wants discipline to change.  Vulnerability is part of courage.  What are you afraid of?  You can't share the best of yourself if you just tolerate yourself.  Love yourself to give the best of yourself!

What you put out into the universe will be returned to you & we'll all benefit.  Go for it!

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While I like and agree with this focus and the same in 7 Habits training. I struggle with how to adapt it to situations that are outside of our control. Because while this attitude is essential to keep us moving forward, it isn't some rosy 'all things are possible.' As we work with clients too who have severe health, financial, abuse, and racial trauma, this seems only a partial response. When circumstances take your chance of success down to a really small percentage, this type of message needs paired with what can the rest of us be doing to ensure the barriers are lower.  The theory comes from Nietzsche in the concentration camps, and this midset was critical for mentally surviving the camps, therefore we should keep it at our individual core. HOWEVER, all the right attitude in the world didn't determine if the Nazi's selected you for the death chamber, as we see with Anne Frank. The system needed to fundamentally change, and I think we have to keep that in mind so that for all people Be + Do will actually equal Have.


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