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Top 10 Heavy Hitters


The entire culture of our organizations can be summed up in this statement; what is rewarded is repeated.  For your consideration (during MLB playoff time!)'s a list of some heavy hitters to encourage & support with your leadership behavior!

1.  Earn people's trust; provide evidence every day of how you are trustworthy

2.  Understand everyone has a life; work & life aren't separate, work is a part of a meaningful life

3.  Listen, then act; diverse viewpoints are healthier, more interesting & more conducive to success

4.  Help people find purpose in their work; connecting passion to profession leads to a stronger sense of "why" the work matters

5.  Celebrate small wins; multiplying the joys in life is one of the benefits of being a team member, make recognition an abundant resource

6.  Be upfront about your quirks & what it's like to work with you; having self-awareness & articulating difference are key skills to stepping into personal integrity

7.  Help build the team; it matters less about who is on the team & more about how the team works together

8.  Invest time in others; when anyone on the team gets better the whole team improves

9.  Let go so others can go; the more you focus on your own strengths the more opportunity it provides others to focus on theirs

10.  Help others start off on the right foot; work on a success plan with them through clear communication


11.  Solve problems with one another; together is better to guide toward the best decisions, ask how you can help

What's rewarded will be repeated & what's repeated becomes habit!

Lead well!

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