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Not Another Top 10 List...


Leaders are always learning & that means reading.  When we come across a person who shakes up our thinking & approach we get a bit starstruck.  This happened to me when I started finding out about the work of Ricardo Semler.  

He's been a trailblazer for democratic management for over 30 years, a real catalyst.  He has been very successful in implementing seemingly radical ideas that have unleashed human potential no matter their application.  Here's his list with some of my own commentary...

1.  Free Yourself

Leisure time is very busy, it's in the IDLE time when big ideas & new conceptual connections are made.  Breakthroughs won't happen in the thick of things, they come in the idle time...find some!

2.  Manage the issue of Ego

The ego is our quirky internal voice advocate.  It's very useful & necessary, work to use your mind not let it use you.

3.  Find your definition of success

Being completely honest with ourselves will make sure our ladder is leaned up against the right wall.  The man at the top of the mountain didn't fall there.

4.  Share as you go

Anything gained & not shared hasn't really been gained.  If you own something you're not willing to give away, it owns you, you don't own it.

5.  Let go of the past

It's OK to look back, just don't stare.  Take the valuable, dump the rest & work toward forgiveness.

6.  Do the things that interest you

That itch you're scratching is proof of the success to come by following your passion.

7.  Have the courage now

The start is what stops most people.  Run the experiment, learn & grow!

8.  Give up control

Delegating provides opportunities for others to grow their strengths & you to work in yours.  Win, win!

9.  Know your limitations

Deployment of yourself includes knowledge of your strengths, courage to develop them & applying how they fit with others.

10.  Ask 3 why's in a row

It's wise to ask 3 why's.  Most of what we do make life easier in actuality makes it more difficult.  After asking the questions ask yourself "what for" to determine if your time is worth the effort.

Here's an article with some great videos from Ricardo on this topic...enjoy!

Top 10 Myth's About Democratic Management

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