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No Holes in the "Boat"


Gary Hamel says in his book The Future of Management, that the practice of management is to...

"set & program objectives, motivate & align efforts, coordinate & control activities, develop & assign talent, gain & apply knowledge, amass & allocate resources, balance & meet stakeholders demands AND...

build & nurture relationships."

The companies that have survived crisis & thrived have leveraged the wisdom of all the members on their team.  Companies where people don't feel like this...

According to a poll by Gallup, only one in five employees feels their opinions matter at work, and fewer than one in four said they’re expected to innovate in their jobs. Sadly, it seems that many organizations waste more human capacity than they use.  -Gary Hamel


Successful teams are LED into battle not managed.  Lead people & manage resources.  We must start expecting leadership everywhere from everyone.

It will take everyone's leadership to unlock the imagination & wisdom of those around us.  No matter your role, not matter your place on the team, you are leading. You're leading in your own way with your contributions. You're leading when you show up for what you believe in.  In these ways, you are authentically present for the team.

The work of leadership is to build great teams. The work of leadership is to nurture everyone on the team. The work of leadership is to rebuild teams when it's needed...and it's needed more often than we think.  This is the job & WE ARE ALL RESPONSIBLE.  Consider these to get started...

  • Focus on others
  • Compliment
  • Show hope
  • Speak to their needs
  • Encourage
  • Help them win

Getting people to do what they don't want to do so they can achieve what they want to achieve is only possible on a team that displays great teamwork!

Getting the Environment Right

Direct from the TED stage to you, here are two very different points of view on creating the kind of atmosphere for a culture where efforts are amplified & human accomplishment is multiplied.

TED: What's the secret to unlocking the creativity hidden inside your daily work, and giving every great idea a chance? Harvard professor Linda Hill, co-author of "Collective Genius," has studied some of the world's most creative companies to come up with a set of tools & tactics to keep great ideas flowing -- from everyone in the company, not just the designated "creatives."

How to manage for collective creativity

TED: An orchestra conductor faces the ultimate leadership challenge: creating perfect harmony without saying a word. In this charming talk, Itay Talgam demonstrates the unique styles of six great 20th-century conductors, illustrating crucial lessons for all leaders.

Lead like the great conductors

Our influence as leaders leaves a "wake" that is felt primarily in the relationships and results we've built & nurtured.  The people in the "boat" with us will never drill holes in it.  They'll support the things they've helped create.  The foundation for amazing results are the great relationships that happen as the "ripples" of our influence engage & inspire!


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  • mceclip0: Collective Genius
  • mceclip1: Itay Talgam
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