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National Extension Climate Initiative

The National Extension Climate Initiative serves to link climate change-related education and research across Extension program areas and associations. This subgroup acts as a place to share opportunities and resources, and discuss all things related to climate change extension.

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Frank Niepold


JEDI Committee description

Sabrina L Drill ·
Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee: Investigate strategies to engage with marginalized populations to address meaningful and impactful change; Work with other committees on developing resources to educate about and empower allyship in Extension climate justice work; Investigate strategies for shifting away from information exchange and harness knowledge of different world views to build relationships engaging diverse knowledge forms as the foundation for driving action

Re: Beta tester group sessions

Rick Schumann ·
We had our kickoff meeting for the NECI Beta Test this afternoon. For those who were not able to attend I am putting the link to the recording here: Passcode:us3=Y=*$ I tried it just now by copying the link above without the passcode and pasting it into my browser. It brought up the recording just fine. Some people had asked for a copy of the PowerPoint slides I had today and I am attaching them here as well.

Re: PD Committee description

Former Member ·
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