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Collaborative Design in Extension: Using a Modified Game Jam to Explore Game-Based Learning

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Educational games can be an innovative way for Extension educators to
teach content to any given audience. While many in Extension have an interest and passion for using and designing games, the process may seem intimidating to Extension professionals, especially those without
experience in game design. This eFieldbook offers an alternative to full game design, in which game developers, content experts, and Extension educators collaborate to design a game prototype. This modified
game jam process is budget-friendly and can be completed in a few weeks.

Land-Grant Institution
New Mexico State University, University of Connecticut
Authors (Name, Email, Institution)

Matheus Cezarotto, New Mexico State University,

Stacey Stearns, University of Connecticut,

Jennifer Cushman, University of Connecticut,

Cristina Connolly, University of Connecticut,

Robert Ricard, University of Connecticut,

Barbara Chamberlin, New Mexico State University,

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Cooperative Extension
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Process Publication
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