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Extension Foundation 2021 Mid-Year Update

We are excited to provide you with a mid-year update about the Extension Foundation and our progress towards helping Cooperative Extension (CES) make a greater impact on local issues. Funding to the Cooperative Extension System (2020-2021) $22.4M in 2020-2021 85% to LGU’s Total of $19M to LGU’s across Extension program areas Funding Sources (2020-2021): $2M EPA Pesticide Safety Education Funds Management Program (PSEFMP) 85% to LGUs $4.9M USDA-NIFA New Technologies for Ag Extension (NTAE)...

NTAE Program Spotlight: Digital Technology in Extension Education ePublication

As we get closer to kicking off a new year of our NTAE Accelerator program , we will catch up with past program teams to share their project stories and outcomes! This week's program spotlight features Dr. Rose Hayden-Smith , the Extension Foundation's 2020 Fellow for Technology in Extension. During Rose's fellowship, she created the first version of the Using Digital Technology in Extension Education ePublication , which provides a digital platform for aggregating content, tools, and...

Eliminate to Concentrate

The secret to concentration is elimination. You can't move forward on the monkey bars without letting go of one hand. It’s in the letting go of something we aren’t uniquely gifted to do that we create opportunity. Opportunity for others to grow in their strength area. Opportunity to focus. Opportunity to step into efficiency. This is the only way we can get to effectiveness. In the letting go we are more prepared to receive. To receive an opportunity from a teammate. In his book ”Good to...

“Alexa, enable the MyPlate skill.” MyPlate nutrition information for babies and toddlers.

Thank you @Barbara Jirka, USDA-CNPP, for sharing the following update regarding MyPlate! MyPlate is now available on Alexa ! Get MyPlate nutrition information for babies and toddlers straight to your home on an Amazon Alexa device or on your smartphone or tablet via the free Amazon Alexa app. MyPlate on Alexa provides healthy eating tips for parents and caregivers on what and how to feed babies and toddlers based on their age (between 4 to 24 months – older ages coming soon!). Parents and...

Central State University installs new Dean of the College of Engineering, Science, Technology and Agriculture (CESTA) and Director of 1890 Land Grant Programs

Central State University (CSU) is pleased to announce the appointment of Michelle Corley, Ph.D. as the new Dean of the College of Engineering, Science, Technology, and Agriculture (CESTA) and Director of 1890 Land Grant Programs at Central State University. Dr. Corley has more than 20 years of leadership experience in the 1890 Land-Grant System (Teaching, Research, Extension), which includes matriculation of undergraduate and graduate students in the STEM areas of Food, Agriculture, Natural...


Had a few ineffective meetings in preparation for this post as I'm sure you have as well. One of the most memorable was one that lasted over an hour and at best, left most of us confused. We branded it the "lipstick on a pig" meeting. Instead of galvanizing our team efforts it eroded faith in our leadership. It was a huge missed opportunity which we rarely had. There were many other ineffective words/phrases used as well. Every word spoken might as well have been in a different language.

Need more empathy?

Psychology Today says Empathy is... "...the ability to recognize, understand, and share the thoughts and feelings of another person, animal, or fictional character. Developing empathy is crucial for establishing relationships and behaving compassionately. It involves experiencing another person’s point of view, rather than just one’s own, and enables prosocial or helping behaviors that come from within, rather than being forced." We all connect with the concept of empathy in a different way.

Wits Wellness research is looking for participants

Wits Wellness research is looking for participants A research team from the University of Illinois is looking for participants for the WITS Wellness Research Study . Any person 50 years and older who has not been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia is eligible. Participants can receive up to $60 for their participation in the study. The study will include 12 weekly health and wellness sessions at various locations across the state. The sessions will be fun, with interactive...

Seeking Extension Educators/Agents who work or have worked with farm families touched by Alzheimer's/dementia

Over 6 million individuals currently live with dementia – a brain disorder characterized by progressive decline in memory, language, problem-solving and other cognitive domains. Recent work has shown that relative to other occupations, older adults with longest-held jobs in agriculture experience greater odds of developing dementia. Given the hazardous nature of agriculture, the impact of dementia and cognitive impairment on older agricultural workers and their families is an area of public...

A Conversation with Dr. Scott Reed, Extension Foundation Catalyst

Scott Reed is an emeritus of Oregon State University (OSU), where he served in various College of Forestry roles. He was a professor, executive associate dean, Extension program leader, and Dean and Director of OSU’s Extension Service. Scott served as the OSU’s Vice Provost for University Outreach and Engagement. He pioneered the innovative Open Campus, linking educational resources to advance college and career readiness, degree completion, and community development. Scott holds BS and MS...

Collaboration & Competition

I’m just Karl... I'm from Branson, Missouri... I’m human... I’m going to make mistakes. Every decision I make will be what’s best for the team. It may not be what’s best for me (or you) but if it’s good for the team then it’s the best choice. At work, at home & in our communities we find ourselves on a "team" of some sort. The experience we have comes in how we approach them. Competition It's a myth that you have to work hard to beat the competition. Competition is the opposite of...


About the Extension Foundation

The Extension Foundation was formed in 2006 by Extension Directors and Administrators. Today, the Foundation partners with Cooperative Extension through liaison roles and a formal plan of work with the Extension Committee on Organization and Policy (ECOP) to increase system capacity while providing programmatic services, and helping Extension programs scale and investigate new methods and models for implementing programs. The Foundation provides professional development to Cooperative Extension professionals and offers exclusive services to its members. In 2020 and 2021, the Extension Foundation has awarded 85% of its direct funding back to the Cooperative Extension System, 100% of funds are used to support Cooperative Extension initiatives. 

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