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Impact Collaborative Launches Three New Professional Development Series for 2022


For 2022, the Extension Foundation's Impact Collaborative Program has launched three new professional development series for Extension Foundation members:

Extension Skills

Each second Thursday of the month, the Impact Collaborative's Extension Skills series will provide an opportunity for Cooperative Extension professionals to build capacity with tools, processes and tech skills training.

For March 2022, join Victor Villegas and Molly Immendorf as they share their favorite tools and tips for creating and hosting engaging dynamic meetings and webinars. While Zoom will be the primary platform demonstrated, most of these tools and tips will translate to platforms like Teams, WebEX, and others. Some tools to be shared will include free or low-cost third party tools. Be sure to bring your own tools and tips to share. Collectively, we’ll create some ah-has and examples to try in this fun session.

Dynamic Discussions

Each fourth Thursday of the month, the Impact Collaborative will host professionals from across Cooperative Extension and beyond to address hot topics of interest to Cooperative Extension.

For March 2022: As Extension professionals, our job is to communicate science to the public. Yet, in the ever growing and ever changing spaces of global media, successfully sharing science has become a monumental task. Agents of misinformation abound and it seems like there are always new—and worse—distortions of the science to be found. For the last 30 years, climate change communicators and communication scientists have been studying the misinformation campaigns, learning how and why they work, and developing means to successfully communicate climate topics in spite of them. What we have learned about climate communication is relevant to all science communication. This Dynamic Discussion will present the basic tenets of “information disorder” and begin the conversation on what Extension professionals can do to further science communication in their fields.

Program Center Stage

The Program Center Stage will highlight programs from across the system including current and past New Technologies from Ag Extension projects, Impact Collaborative projects, National programs like EXCITE, and more on the 4th Mondays of each month at 2 PM ET.

For March 2022: the Southern JAGriculture (Southern University Agricultural Research and Extension Center, SUAREC) team prioritizes emergency preparedness and answering the calls of our community following an emergency. After the danger is controlled and the threat is managed, they provide programming and support to aid communities and Louisiana citizens in the Recovery phase.

Utilizing the historic 2016 Louisiana Flood as their conceptual lens, this webinar will focus on our individual efforts as second responders, SUAREC’s response to help mitigate future losses, the role and linkage of Extension professional as second responders, and much more. Be prepared to leave with a Social Action charge!

This team was supported by the Extension Foundation’s New Technologies for Ag Extension Program and released a publication about their work in 2021.

The Impact Collaborative is a bundle of services and events that are funded by and for Extension Foundation members only. To learn more about all Impact Collaborative opportunities, please visit the Impact Collaborative Events Calendar on Connect Extension. For inquiries on membership in the Extension Foundation, please contact

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