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If we stopped to think about how many decisions we make each & every day it would be a daunting task.  If we wrote them all down...

Would we be satisfied with the outcomes?

What would we learn about ourselves?

How do they affect others?

In today's world, it seems we have learned how to be distracted by all the wonderful technology available.  Being bombarded by information can derail our effectiveness in making meaningful decisions that positively affect those we are trusted with leading.  Having a personal system to help us make decisions consistent with our values is a powerful tool.  Let's check out how I imagine the Man of Steel does it....if he were real!

The "Superman Rule"

Make the best decision(s) possible to benefit the most amount of people regardless of the consequences for yourself.

This might seem a bit utilitarian in nature but it really can help remain grounded & focused on others in making big or small decisions.  Throughout his history, Superman has stayed true to his belief of being here on earth to HELP!  His strong character has been tested over & over again.  His struggle is real to us!  This is one of the reasons we love his story & why it remains relevant to our human existence.

None of us will ever have the responsibility of using other-worldly powers to affect the outcome of events.  As kids we all had fantasies about having special powers of one kind or another but, alas, it was not to be. However, we can move forward in a positive manner by using his example of a steadfast moral compass supported by courage & strong purpose.  After all, a perfectly normal human invented him & challenged our thoughts on what it means to lead!


We can see how & what he does but it's in the "why" we discover the most impactful aspect of his (pretend) life on earth.  Read a comic or watch one of the movies again with the intent of extracting leadership lessons from his decisions.  You'll get a totally different meaning from them this time around. What decision would you have made in a similar situation based on your values?  We always show up for what we believe in most.  

Not only was he one of the greatest leaders in our history but he was also an optimist with his vision of what America could become.  He stayed true to his values & communicated them in a common sense way that was easily understood.  What great historical leaders do you most identify with?  Why?

By seeking to understand before being understood, our empathy is displayed & we provide the evidence that we're trustworthy.  The Superman Rule will hopefully put decisions in a manageable context to focus leadership behaviors on serving others first!


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