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Excellence and You!


“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”
— Will Durant

Behavior change is hard.

Starting something new means stopping something that's not adding value to your life. What if you thought about leadership development as a habit?  Then you wouldn't have to worry about the "right" time to start. Choose wisely and align your saying with your doing.

Influence is always happening.

Bad driver. Happy bank teller. Slightly pleasant flight attendant. These reflect a decision we all have the choice to make...our attitude. Our attitude reflects our leadership and leadership is influence. Attitude is everything, pick a good one.

Coach people, fix processes.

No matter where you go on the planet people want two things; do something meaningful for the world and provide for their family. Processes should honor the people who want those two things. You don't have to be better or smarter than someone else to coach them, you just have to care a whole lot.

Success partner.

Instead of holding people "accountable" to tasks, standards, expectations and responsibilities start thinking about how you can be their success partner. We don't work for the paper the tasks, standards, expectations and responsibilities are written on. The paper should work for us. We should support each other by helping more and judging less.

Succeed at being who you are.

This is the only real measure that counts. The more you can step into the person you really want to be, the closer you'll get. And the closer you get to self-actualization the more your talents are a gift for the world.

1% better every day

My math skills stink, someone else worked this out...  If you improve 1% every day for 1 year you actually get 37 times better. Here's the formula:
1.01(365) = 37.78
Be intentional. You're worth it!

Be + Do = Have

This is from "The Master Key System". It's the universal law of attraction. EX: First you decide to BE an author. Next you DO what author's do; write. Then you'll soon HAVE what author's have; publications, books, etc. If what you're experiencing now isn't what you want, change it.


This is actually what keeps everything going. Without it we'd still be playing in the dirt with sticks. Stay curious, follow your interests and run the experiments.

You are a global leader.

In your life you'll have the chance to know about 1K people. If those 1K people each know 1K then we have 1 Million. If those 1 Million each know 1K then we have 1 Billion. In just 3 steps (sorry Kevin Bacon) your influence could spread to 1 Billion people. That's influential leadership.

Who you are and what you choose to do matters. It matters a lot. Stay present. Your high performance only happens in the moment.

"Who you are is how you lead."
-Brene' Brown

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