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3 Hard Things to Say


If you like sports at all you've likely seen or read something from this person.  He's the simply smart & wildly witty Woody Paige!   A while back his chalkboard had this wisdom:


Yep, you guessed it, we're going to unpack these a bit!

I need help.

When people don't feel safe enough to admit they need others to do their work, fear is dominating.  When fear is present our brains are in flight/flight/freeze mode helping us make "survival" decisions.  This works against us when collaborating is the goal.  Leadership behavior must support pumping fear out of rooms where it doesn't belong...and that's most rooms.

I'm sorry.

Refusing to express regret is really our inability to take responsibility for our actions.  It's the inability to admit we're wrong or recognize how our actions have affected others.  It happened.  Apologize so everyone can move on.

Worcestershire Sauce!

Life is a journey.  The learning never stops.  And learning is better with a little laughter.  Take what you do seriously & yourself a bit more lightly.  Giving yourself permission to laugh along the way brings joy back to the journey of life.


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Worcestershire sauce is easier to say than "I need help" and "I am sorry".  Being in a household which used the stuff, we always said "Wuss-ta-sheer" sauce.  I think in the UK, they say "Wuss-ter" , named after the place in the England, or was that place in New England?  I am So sorry!  I forget from where the stuff originated.  I do need help.


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