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Expressive Brushes: Using Art-based Mediums to Support Children & Youth During Change

Expressive Brushes: Using Art-based Mediums to Support Children & Youth During Change
About This Webinar:
In this webinar, we will focus on the practical application of art-based mediums to foster empathy, perspective-taking, and effective communication among young individuals, particularly those in middle childhood (6-12 years old). The emphasis will be on the principles and strategies for using art as a tool to explore and process challenging social and emotional issues related to significant life changes. We will also cover practical steps for assisting young people in expressing themselves through art and engage in discussions on best practices for adapting art-based mediums to meet the diverse needs of children ages 6-12 across different contexts.
Learning Objectives:
In this webinar, we will:
1. Gain new insight into the use of intermodal expressive arts to facilitate self-expression and communication among children.
2. Learn the use of intermodal expressive arts facilitation to strengthen interpersonal connections with children.
3. Learn the use of one art-based medium to integrate intermodal expressive arts facilitation into their current work with children.
4. Learn to create a safe and supportive environment using intermodal expressive arts facilitation for emotional exploration with children.
Dr. Kevin Tan
Dr. Kevin Tan brings over six years of hands-on experience as a school social worker to his current role in academia. His research centers on enhancing social-emotional learning across K-12 populations. Dr. Tan collaborates closely with parents, educators, and school administrators to promote youth identity, agency, and a sense of belonging in support of positive youth development.
Felicia Li, MSW, LCSW
Felicia Li is a licensed clinical social worker with two decades of clinical experience spanning diverse populations. Her direct service experience with children and youth at an urban residential mental health facility sparked her realization of the transformative power of engaging young individuals through the creative process. Specializing in Expressive Arts Therapy, Felicia is passionate about its ability to facilitate emotional exploration beyond verbal communication, catering to individuals of all artistic levels.
Continuing education credit is available.

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