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Building Bridges for the Learning Child

Building Bridges
Conference Agenda

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SEPTEMBER 29, 2017
10:30–11:30 A.M. Maximizing Opportunities for Early Childhood Learners in a Multilingual Setting
PRESENTER: Kara Mitchell Viesca, PhD, Assistant Professor, Teaching, Learning and Teacher Education, University of Nebraska Lincoln

12:00–1:00 P.M. Early Childhood and Forced Migration: Working with Refugee Children and
their Families in Nebraska
PRESENTERS: Kristin Gall, Nebraska State Refugee Health Coordinator and Nebraska Department of
Health and Human Services; Claire Herzog, Director of Early Childhood Outreach, Ready
in 5 – School Readiness for Refugee Children, and YMCA of Greater Omaha; Karen Parde,
Nebraska State Refugee Resettlement Coordinator and Nebraska Department of Health
and Human Services; and Julie Tippens, Assistant Professor, Department of Child, Youth
and Family Studies, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

1:30–2:30 P.M. Creating Healthy Dietary Environments: Is Parenting Important?
PRESENTER: Dr. Lenna Ontai, Associate Specialist in Cooperative Extension, University of California, Davis

3:00–4:00 P.M. Transforming the Workforce for Young Children
KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Dr. Ross Thompson, Distinguished Professor of Psychology at the University of California, Davis

SEPTEMBER 30, 2017
9:00–10 A.M. Recognizing Early Signs of ASD and Simple Strategies for Engagement
PRESENTER: Dr. Laura Maddox, PhD, BCBA, Program Director of the Center for the Young Child at the
Ohio Center for Autism and Low Incidence (OCALI)

10:15–11:15 A.M. Preschool Science Talk in Action and Reflection
PRESENTER: Dr. Soo-Young Hong, Associate Professor, Department of Child, Youth and Family
Studies, University of Nebraska–Lincoln

11:30 A.M.–12:30 P.M. Becoming a Peaceful Leader for Your Strong-Willed Child
PRESENTER: Janet Lansbury, author, RIE Associate and certified Parent/Infant Guidance Class instructor

12:45–1:45 P.M. Playing Yoga with Children as a Lifelong Resource for Wellness and Balance
PRESENTER: Heather Wong-Xoque, co-director at KiDo Kids School and founder of KiDo Kids Yoga

2:00–3:00 P.M. Role of Early Childhood Education Settings in Preventing Childhood Obesity:
Linking Research to Practice PRESENTER: Dr. Dipti Dev, Assistant Professor and Child Health Behaviors Specialist, Department of Child, Youth and Family Studies, University of Nebraska–Lincoln

3:15–4:15 P.M. Mindfulness Approaches to Address the Gap in Indigenous Children’s
Learning and Development PRESENTER: Dr. Michael J. Yellow Bird, PhD, MSW, Professor of Sociology, Director of Indigenous Tribal Studies, North Dakota State University

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