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Three years ago, Juntos partnered Dr. Crystan Lee, an assistant professor from the college of education at NC State. Dr. Lee started The Literacy and Community Initiative and through this initiative, a local Juntos 4-H club was able to publish two books. This summer, Dr. Lee published an article titled Encountering the Affective in Latino Immigrant Youth Narratives .

Community Catalyst Webinar Series for Extension Professionals

Please join us for an upcoming six-part webinar series exclusively designed for you, the Extension professional . This series features leaders and researchers from Iowa, Oregon, and Virginia who can help you transform your work with data-driven learning and discovery. This vibrant dialogue will provide you with tools to maximize your time, develop responsive programs using data insights, and foster impact in collaboration with communities. Visit this page to register . After participating in...

Is It YOUR Story To Tell?

In a meeting a few years ago we were discussing the aspects of what we did that might be interesting to the general public. Pretty quickly it was suggested that we have a "rumor mill" button on our website. A little "behind the curtain" of what was going on. While this would probably peak visitors curiosity, the message it would send about our organization could be damaging. Is it your story to tell? Gossiping is one of, if not the most destructive actions anyone can take on another person.

Recap of "DNA Demystified" Virtual Chat

Summary of discussion Q&A from virtual chat 'DNA Demystified" We had a great discussion of several topics, with probing questions and lively discussion. Below is a summary of a select few. For the full chat, see the archive at Query: What DNA and genetics basics should Cooperative Extension professionals understand? Summary: At least the basics up to first year college. We should know about basic structure and function of DNA, and how...

National Juntos Convening: A Thirteen Year Journey

What an exciting time for the National Juntos Program. Last week our National Convening proved to be a much-needed time for all Juntos states and partners to gather and unite with the understanding of why Juntos matters and why Juntos is here to stay. We also set the stage for the future of the program with 2020 Vision as our driving force. Check out this Great Article which summarizes the event from our partner Education NC.

eXtension Foundation Update: September 2019 - September 2020

It's been a fantastic past year at the eXtension Foundation and we are grateful for the opportunity to serve Cooperative Extension! If you'd like to know more about our work in our three program areas for the past year: New Technologies for Ag Extension, the Impact Collaborative, and the Pesticide Safety Education Funds Management Program , take a look at the video below. We look forward to continuing to serve all of you!

Farm Journal Request for High-Res Images for Soil Health Improvement Workbook

Farm Journal is building a soil health improvement workbook in partnership with NRCS & a variety of leaders in agribusiness, farmer associations, food companies & NGOs and are looking for high-resolution images (with credit to the providing organization(s)/institutions) of: Soil infiltration test (each step of the process illustrated) Water mitigation table (each step) At-home rainfall simulator (each step) Any other at-home soil tests farmers can perform to assess specific facets of...

Juntos National Convening Article

What an exciting time for the National Juntos Program. Last week our National Convening proved to be a much-needed time for all Juntos states and partners to gather and unite with the understanding of why Juntos matters and why Juntos is here to stay. We also set the stage for the future of the program with 2020 Vision as our driving force. Check out this great article which summarizes the event from our partner Education NC .


At this time during a pandemic we find ourselves physically distanced & isolated from one another. However, it's been exciting to see so many creative ways to stay socially connected. These connection times are meaningful and are essential to our overall health. To help focus this time, one of the things you could do is interview your loved ones. Stay with me here... LOSS One of the things we all have in common is loss. It's maybe the only thing we all truly have in common. We've all...


If we stopped to think about how many decisions we make each & every day it would be a daunting task. If we wrote them all down... Would we be satisfied with the outcomes? What would we learn about ourselves? How do they affect others? In today's world, it seems we have learned how to be distracted by all the wonderful technology available. Being bombarded by information can derail our effectiveness in making meaningful decisions that positively affect those we are trusted with leading.

County Connectivity Landscape Dashboard Announced

COVID-19 has sped the adoption of virtual programming in Cooperative Extension across the nation and has highlighted a need for information about connectivity at the county level for use in planning virtual programs. A new tool developed by a team at Purdue University may help. With funding from eXtension Foundation, they’ve created a County Connectivity Landscape Dashboard to help Cooperative Extension professionals as they plan online programming and outreach methods. Dr. Roberto Gallardo,...

Free Publication: Eat Healthy, Be Active Community Workshops

I received a message from @Holly H. McPeak , Nutrition Advisor, HHS with the following information that she wanted to share with Cooperative Extension! This resource comes from the FDA: Free Publication. Order now! (only 500 left!) Eat Healthy, Be Active Community Workshops The Eat Healthy, Be Active Community Workshops are based on the Dietary Guidelines for Americans and the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans . Each of these six 1-hour workshops includes a lesson plan, learning...

Not Another Top 10 List...

Leaders are always learning & that means reading. When we come across a person who shakes up our thinking & approach we get a bit starstruck. This happened to me when I started finding out about the work of Ricardo Semler. He's been a trailblazer for democratic management for over 30 years, a real catalyst. He has been very successful in implementing seemingly radical ideas that have unleashed human potential no matter their application. Here's his list with some of my own...

Urban Foods Systems Symposium in October will focus on climate, community, security, production and distribution

All things food in and for urban areas will be in focus during the 3 rd Urban Food Systems Symposium scheduled for virtual delivery on Wednesdays in Octobe r and hosted this year by Kansas State University and K-State Research and Extension.   2020 Urban Food Systems Symposium   online sessions will be offered from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. CDT every Wednesday in October. If you’ve got an interest in any aspect of urban food systems there’s a session for you and you are encouraged attend.    The...

Digital Technology eFieldbook Webinar Shares Project Info & Findings

More than three dozen Cooperative Extension professionals joined in a webinar to learn more about eXtension's new Using Digital Technology eFieldbook . @ashleygriffin @Jerry Thomas and @rosehayden-smith offered a panel discussion that explored the eFieldbook content and features, the Fellowship project (including professional development activities), lessons learned, and findings from the eXtension Technology Futuring Project. The eFieldbook was produced as part of of eXtension’s New...


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