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Recap of Video Production in Cooperative Extension Virtual Chat


As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, many Cooperative Extension professionals are branching out to add simple video production to their skillset.

In our virtual chat “Video Production in Cooperative Extension,” participants across institutions and job roles helped us understand more about training resources and needs related to video production in Extension. Below is a summary of some of the discussion. For the full chat, see the archive at  

Query: Are you currently producing videos?

Summary: We had a good mix of participants who produce video and those who don't. Many acknowledged that production values differ based on the purpose and intent of the video.

Query: What equipment do you use?

Summary: iPhones are a popular camera choice; Equipment needed and used to produce videos varied greatly between smartphone and DSLR or higher production-value cameras.

Many people on the chat were seeking specific equipment recommendations related to mics. The archive will be a good place to mine for links for specific suggestions.

Query: What editing software or post-production tools are you using?

Summary: The most common software mentioned was Premiere Pro. Other programs mentioned included using Zoom recordings, Animoto, Filmora, iMovie, Adobe Rush, Movie Maker, and Pinnacle Studio.

Query: How are you using the videos you produce? (Ex: social media, instruction?)

Summary: Social media is the most common use case reported. The majority of people using videos for social media report video being primarily instructional in nature, with a smaller percentage producing promotional videos. Many people report using videos for instruction and university YouTube channels. Other uses include virtual field trips.

Query: What are your biggest challenges related to video production?

Summary: The biggest challenges reported was time, followed by editing and training. Quality concerns and branding standards also pose challenges. Staffing issues (budget, skills, etc.) were mentioned by a feew participants.

Query: Does your institution provide video production training? If so, can you please drop a link? If there is not a publicly available link, tell us as much as you can about it.

Summary: There are several links to resources in the archive, and a compilation is included below:



Query: Are there any other training resources you have found useful from other (non-Extension) sources?

Summary: Participants reported using YouTube, LinkedIn Learning, Coursera, Adobe Max. It was suggested that Extension professionals check with their institution’s Talent Management System as they may provide software training both in person or virtually.

Query: What training do you need? (topics)

Summary: Topics participants mentioned related to training spanned from production (indoor, outdoor, equipment) to post-production/editing, and distribution.

Responses to this virtual chat make it clear video production in Extension (and elsewhere) has the potential to become an unwieldy topic as there are many considerations and options that are ever-changing. However, many participants provided lots of advice, tips, expertise, suggestions and links that you might find useful. Check out the full archive at

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