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Old Hat


Each of us probably have items we've held onto for a long time.  The sentimental value pulls at our heartstrings so hard we can't seem to let them go.  One such item for me is a New York Yankees hat.

The Story

My wife & I were on the road together in New York.  One of the stops on the tour was New York City.  We found ourselves with some time one morning & decided to venture out to discover downtown.  It was a gorgeous sunny day & I wasn't prepared so naturally, I bought a Yankees hat.  When in Rome!  We had a great time seeing the sights & sounds of one of the greatest cities on the planet.  The energy was infectious & the food was even better!  Having a schedule to keep, we jumped on a train to head into Brooklyn & ran into some issues due to some unanticipated construction.  They say the city has 2 seasons...winter & construction!  Needless to say, we got lost, de-railed if you will, getting to our destination.  We felt alone & isolated.  Time seemed to move faster with our growing worry of being late.  I remember simply hugging her close on a crowded train & reassuring her everything would be OK.  I really did believe it, in fact, I was sure.

The Boss

Eventually, we did get to Brooklyn...late but safe.  You've probably guessed that a conversation was about to take place regarding the importance of being on time, even early.  Our boss was firm but compassionate.  He reminded me to always set a good example for good time management where early is on time.  I've always appreciated his approach & to this day consider him a mentor.

The Hat

What about the hat?  Over the years the hat has gone from an everyday kind of hat to my gym hat.  It's been through a lot and with the passage of time, it gains more meaning.  We've been through a lot in our marriage; balancing 2 careers, parenting, moving, job transitions, extended time apart, illnesses & loved ones passing.  You!  The hat serves as a great reminder we can get through anything...together.

Our journey didn't start by getting lost in New York City but what we learned that day has.  The power of my old hat is real, as real as the love for my wife, children & our life.  It might be easy to get rid of "things" when they no longer seem useful.  I've had lots of hats & worn tons of figurative "hats" but this one has stood the test of time as our life together has.  We're tackling life's challenges, its ups & downs, as you are.  The life we enjoy together is one of the most precious gifts of my life & I wouldn't change or trade it for anything.

Remember the many aspects to be thankful for in your life & find something that reminds you.  Whether you're a Yankees fan or not doesn't matter, be a fan of life's most important things & wear that with fearless pride!

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