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National Urban Extension Leaders Communications & Capacity Building Fellow


Under the direction of the NUEL Executive Committee and in collaboration with the NUEL Communication Action Team, the Fellow will provide coordination and facilitation of the NUEL Steering Committee to assuming the following responsibilities and achieve the following project deliverables:

  • A communication plan for NUEL that identifies audiences that NUEL should be communicating with, what types of information or messaging NUEL should be targeting towards each audience, and what communications tools should be used to communicate effectively with each identified audience.
  • Leadership for the implementation and advancement of the NUEL communication plan, including updating the current NUEL website and urban Extension eFieldbook, development of an Urban Extension – NUEL Connect Extension social media site, coordination for the development of urban-focused affinity groups within other existing and relevant Connect Extension groups, development of the desired initial content for the NUEL Connect Extension site and all identified urban affinity groups, and development and implementation of a plan to ensure on-going content development for the NUEL Connect Extension site and all identified urban affinity groups.
  • Support NUEL and the ECOP Program Committee in the development of a viable national Urban Agriculture and Food Systems Program Action Team (PAT) and Program Implementation Teams (PITs).
  • Assist NUEL in connecting to the ECOP Program Action Teams (PATs) to ensure urban issues, urban program priorities, and urban voices are appropriately represented in all of the PATs.
  • Assist in the promotion and collection of urban Extension programs in the National Registry of Cooperative Extension Programs and Assets.
  • Develop an online site to host the NUEL Urban Extension Job Description Repository and assist in the collection of job descriptions to populate the repository.
  • Assist with other efforts that enhance NUEL’s communications abilities and increases NUEL capacity to provide leadership for the National Urban Extension Initiative Implementation Plan.

See link to full Fellowship description and application here.

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