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ICYMI: Take a Tour with the MyPlate Team: Walk Through The New Personalized Digital Tools and Resources


Yesterday, we had three guests from the USDA Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion to learn about the new MyPlate website and suite of digital tools and resources that were launched upon the release of the Dietary Guidelines, 2020-2025. In this webinar, we explored the MyPlate tools to help you reach audiences at every life stage.

Here are some resources from that webinar:

  • Recording
  • MyPlate National Nutrition Month Playbook (Attached)
  • Slide deck (Attached)

Q&A questions answered in the Zoom Q&A box are listed below:

I used to use the personalized MyPlate Plan with clients especially because there was a printable version when they were done putting in their info. There doesn't seem to be a printout version any more for them to have offline to look at. Am I just not seeing it? or if it is gone, can it be brought back?

Hi this is Dave from the MyPlate Team. The Plans are currently being made into PDFs for the website -- Spanish versions too. For now, you can just print the page (although it doesn't look as good).

I am wondering why they got rid of the 10 tip sheets. Those were helpful tools.

Hi this is Dave from the MyPlate Team. We've revamped the 10 tips into a new series. We're currently working on putting the tip pages into PDF tip sheets. These will all be available in Spanish as well. Additionally, the first tip sheet -- Start Simple with MyPlate -- will be translated into Spanish plus 20 other languages.

Are the β€œView the tip sheet” similar to the past Ten Tips Sheet?

Hi this is Dave from the MyPlate Team. Yes, they are similar. This new series replaced the 10 tips. We're currently putting them into PDF format and those will be coming soon!

Which materials are available in Spanish?

Hi! This is Dave from the MyPlate Team.
We currently have most of our print materials (PDFs) in Spanish on the Print Materials page. Coming soon will be the 29 new tip sheets in Spanish.
The MyPlate Plan is currently in Spanish as well. And coming soon will be the printable Plans in Spanish.
In addition, we have MyPlate resources in Spanish on the Graphics page. This includes the buttons in Spanish as well as the icon in Spanish and 20 other languages. Speaking of those, tip sheet #1 – Start Simple with MyPlate – is soon going to be translated into Spanish and the additional 20 languages.
All of the recipes on MyPlate Kitchen are is Spanish as well.

Is there a downloaded pdf of the my plate diagram? I dont see one anymore, just a guide. It would be great to have a dowloaded PDF of the acutal my plate diagram.

Hi Helen, You can also check out our consumer brochure for a MyPlate graphic:


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