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Everybody "digs"...


A little slang every once in a while won't hurt anything. It keeps us on our toes. Growing up with parents who were musicians, there was a lot. The ones that stuck with me were from the jazz genre'. Here are some you can adopt if you want to be a "cool cat" like some of the greatest musicians of all time!

  • Axe - your instrument
  • Bad - meaning something really good
  • Chops - level of skill or mastery
  • Dig - you like or understand something
  • Groove - the rhythmic feeling of the music
  • Gig - your job
  • Hip - positive term like cool or slick
  • Jam - getting together to improvise
  • Legit - the real deal
  • Shed - means to practice

Okay, you get the point. Some of these even migrated from the music world into mainstream terms. We get it Karl, get on with it!

One of my all-time favorite albums is "Everybody Digs Bill Evans". The cover has quotes from Miles Davis, George Shearing, Ahmad Jamal, and Cannonball Adderly about how much they "dig" him.

This got me thinking about what all of us "dig". Here are a few...

  • Everybody digs being seen, heard, and valued.
  • Everybody digs getting help when they ask for it.
  • Everybody digs receiving sincere apologies.
  • Everybody digs being part of something bigger than themselves.
  • Everybody digs clarity in communication.
  • Everybody digs expressing themselves authentically.
  • Everybody digs working in their passion and strength areas.
  • Everybody digs gratitude, recognition, and appreciation.
  • Everybody digs a great culture where they can thrive.
  • Everybody digs being honest and respectful.
  • Everybody digs courage.
  • Everybody digs humility.
  • Everybody digs positive relationships.
  • Everybody digs being happy.
  • Everybody digs knowledge and wisdom.
  • Everybody digs a positive attitude.
  • Everybody digs perseverance.
  • Everybody digs fairness.
  • Everybody digs compassion.
  • Everybody digs opportunity.
  • Everybody digs LOVE.

As you read through this list, reflect on the behaviors you display daily on the things you "dig". Staying true to ourselves in how we show up for others is the measure of who we want to be. You better "dig" who you are and have the "chops" to express it. It's our "gig" to become the most "legit" we can be.

In this way, everybody will "dig" your leadership!

*Album cover art from Spotify

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