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Cooperative Extension Service Immunization Education Project Assistant Project Director


This project is a collaborative effort among the Extension Committee on Policy (ECOP), eXtension, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  It grew out of efforts undertaken by the ECOP Health Innovation Task Force. eXtension anticipates receiving funding for Immunization Education efforts.  Key Exte121nsion leaders on this project are Dr. Roger Rennekamp, Dr. Michelle Rodgers, Dr. Caroline Henney, Ms. Ali Mitchell Dunigan and Dr. Chris Geith.  This project will allow CDC and the Cooperative Extension System to address health disparities among rural and other underserved communities by facilitating discussions at the community level to address barriers and concerns about COVID-19, flu and other adult vaccinations  It is designed to help increase connections and communication between the community and health care practices, as well as increase accessibility and acceptability of local vaccination clinics and opportunities with the goal to and mobilize communities to implement public health programs to reduce health disparities, especially in rural areas. The four broad areas of emphasis for this project are:

  • A National Assessment
    • Lead continuous data collection through a national assessment of current activities, locations and delivery of extension immunization education, community dialogue, and the cooperative delivery of immunization clinics resulting in regular updates and reports.  Timeline:   Throughout the project
  • Vaccinate with Confidence National Campaign
  • Work with all 111 LGUs who are eligible to apply for funding to support their customization and deployment of the Vaccinate with Confidence Campaign. The package includes materials from the CDC, professional development offerings by the Vaccinate with Confidence technical assistance team available to all LGU’s and funding. LGU’s will complete a standardized and simple online application organized around a rubric to ensure funding priorities, such as serving underserved audiences and collecting standard data.  This information will be built into an application form briefly requiring a description of their planned implementation and their planned budget. 
  • Work with eXtension Foundation to offer an Impact Collaborative Summit to develop opportunities for immunization education and clinics utilizing Extension resources, staff and locations as well as their partnerships with local health education resources, staff and immunization locations.  This Summit will help potential pilot recipients incubate and plan to accelerate opportunities for immunization education in rural and underserved communities.   Timeline:  April 2021.
  • Implement immunization education and clinic pilots, community dialogues, and the cooperative delivery of immunization clinics. Timeline:  May 2021-March 2022.
    • Pilots will test out immunization education programs, community dialogue frameworks, and clinic models in rural and underserved communities that will include data collection and use of common metrics for reporting..
    • A non-research report of what is learned will be created and shared with the Cooperative Extension System and collaborative leaders of this project. This report is to be a brief report and summary of the pilots from the pilot leaders.

This project is seeking a full-time assistant project director who will work collaboratively with the Project Director and the Operational Manager at eXtension. This will be a one year buyout from a land grant university.   eXtension will serve as the principal investigator for the project and eXtension will serve as a backbone for the project efforts.  The Assistant Project Director, the Project Director and the Operational Manager will work collaboratively together to lead this project.  This position will deal with the day-to-day operations of the project.  The Assistant Director will report to the Project  Director.  The Assistant Project Director for this project will:

  • Provide leadership for the dashboard and database of programs and interface with the eXtension Operations to resolve barriers to implementation.
  • Support the project director and operations manager with tracking and follow up with the Vaccinate with Confidence Campaign deployments (111).
  • Support the project director and operations manager with tracking and following up with the pilot projects (20).
  • Provide special attention to pilots and their successful launch, pilot implementation, evaluation and reporting to ensure success and local impact.
  • Work with eXF Communications to learn and lead engagement within the system in reporting the assessment tool and dashboard.
  • Serve on the Impact Collaborative Design Team.
  • Provide pilot information in the form of standard data collection and evaluation protocols, ensuring results of the continuous assessment are analyzed, shared and translated into program design via the Impact Collaborative component of this project.
  • Participate in the selection of pilot projects.
  • Lead in pilot project implementation and reporting.
  • Work collaboratively with eXtension operations manager who will handle the operations of the effort.
  • Provide feedback and reports (quarterly and final). 
  • Serve on the project advisory and planning team committees as appropriate.
  • Work collaboratively with the 1890 and 1994 Engagement Coordinator/s.
  • Work collaboratively with the Evaluation Firm, Market Research Firm, Health Promotion Specialist and Immunization Education Fellow.
  • Participate and engage in the Connect Extension group.
  • Other related duties as assigned by the Project Director and Operations Manager.
  • This position will work remotely.  Knowledge and experience with virtual work and computer skills are needed for this position.

The projected timeline for this position is  April 1, 2021 through March 30, 2022: (dependent upon project funding)

February 18th until filled: Accept letters of interest and resumes

April 1, 2021: Start date for Assistant Project Director and

April 1, 2021: Official start for the Project

If there are questions, please contact Project Director, Dr. Michelle Rodgers, PhD, Associate Dean and Director, University of Delaware, Mobile 302-635-4306.

Persons interested in this position should apply here:

Contact Brenna Kotar, eXtension Foundation at with questions pertaining to the application. 

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