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May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month and Central State University Land-Grant is proud to highlight the work of Dr. Pratibha Gupta.

Central State University’s STEM department is comprised of professors from all around the world. One of those professors is Pratibha Gupta Ph.D. Research Associate Professor, Food Nutrition and Health A.R.D.P Extension State Specialist, Family and Consumer Science Nutritional Biochemistry College of Engineering, Science, Technology and Agriculture (C.E.S.T.A.) Central State University.

     Dr. Gupta specializes in nutritional biochemistry and nutrigenomics research and she has been earning many awards and accolades in the department. Dr. Gupta will be soon starting a new branch of nutrigenomics research the science of food and gene interaction. Most recently she was invited to speak as an expert in her field at the First Bio Natural Healing Conference, which will be held virtually this inaugural year. Her presentation titled “Diabetes” affords Dr. Gupta an opportunity to share mutual academic research and interact among colleagues within the US and abroad. The virtual conference will be held on May 24-25, 2021.

     Dr. Gupta also recently published a nine-page paper titled: Assessment of Cardiovascular Health, Sleep Habits, and Diets Among College Students by Utilizing Public Health Screening Tools in the Journal of Cardiology & Current Research.

     Further, Dr. Gupta was also appointed as general editor for the scholarly publication Current Developments in Nutrition (CDN), which is a monthly peer-reviewed biomedical journal in the field of nutrition. In 2020, Gupta worked with researchers at Wright State University to study the positive impact of meditation on improving sleep and reducing stress.

     Her career with Central State University extends all the way to 2010 when she made a commitment to the University and the students CSU serves.  “I love the students here and I am committed to ensuring they receive meaningful and impactful educational opportunities,” she said. Dr. Gupta cites 3rd year student Danielle Cieslak as just one example of the students she supports.  “Danielle transferred to CSU from a university in upstate New York and became interested in studying biology after coming to Central State. Under Gupta’s tutelage, Danielle is also earning recognition in the College of Engineering, Science, Technology, and Agriculture (CESTA) department at Central State.”

     According to Danielle, she was attracted to Central State were the opportunities to participate in research as an undergraduate student as well as the available scholarship money to fund my entire education.” Danielle, who is an accomplished student, was selected as an 1890 Scholars recipient and was awarded a scholarship of $10,000. Students who maintain a GPA of 3.0, can continue to receive up to $10,000 each year they attend Central State University.

     Dr. Gupta recognized Danielle’s potential and agreed to mentor her, and both agree that the relationship has been a mutually symbiotic one, with each learning from the other. Dr. Gupta has helped Danielle succeed academically, and Danielle has assisted Dr. Gupta on research projects. Both agree that students make an effort to get acquainted with their professors sooner, rather than later, in order to establish a relationship.  This will not only help students educationally but can also help them have a smooth transition from graduation to a professional career.

     To learn more about Dr. Pratibha Gupta, to receive nutrition tips, or to learn more about food and nutrition research taking place at Central State contact Dr. Gupta at or visit

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