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We've all seen graphics detailing the differences between a boss & leader.  There are indeed many distinct qualities separating these roles with the primary being responsibility.  The more of it you have in any given enterprise can define the overarching role you provide.  What many have realized is that you can be an amazing boss but ineffective as a leader.  Leadership is the choice to positively influence those around you regardless of position, title, standing, rank or responsibility level.  The journey to discover your individual leadership style takes intense focus, self-awareness & humility.


Good Boss, Good Leader

This graphic depicts a "boss" as more negative than the "leader".  In my way of thinking, this isn't necessarily true.  Our effectiveness exists on a sliding scale.  After all, we're human & our abilities in either role remain a challenge on a day to day basis.  The measure should reside in our commitment to getting 1% better every day.  To improve the value we bring to the enterprise & inspire those we work with.  People trust the most consistent behaviors we display.  Get caught doing amazing things for others & don't worry about the label!

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