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National Extension Climate Initiative

The National Extension Climate Initiative serves to link climate change-related education and research across Extension program areas and associations. This subgroup acts as a place to share opportunities and resources, and discuss all things related to climate change extension.

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The following resources from Purdue might be of interest:

- 4-H Weather and Climate Science curriculum, set includes levels 1-3 plus a  facilitator's guide (

- Dynamics of Climate Toolkit  prepares educators to understand both the science of climate and climate change and the pedagogy for effectively teaching it (

- Activities for Conceptualizing Climate and Climate Change, print-ready companion lessons for The Dynamics of Climate Toolkit (

- IN CCIA printable climate lessons, specific to the state of Indiana (

I just found this thread and wanted to share the curriculum we released this year. "Sea-Level Rise in the Classroom," a curriculum that helps teachers explore sea-level rise science from the intersection of social and environmental issues, is now available online. In an effort to further support coastal education we will host six teacher workshops along the Gulf of Mexico in spring and summer of 2022! If you are interested in attending an educator workshop, please sign up online.

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My friends in New Jersey have established Climate Education standards across the curriculum. If you are working on climate curriculum in your state, you may want to crosswalk these standards with your materials. These standards are some of the first established for educators in the nation. If you're working with educators, standards driven instruction is more apt to be applied if standards are present.

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