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VA Certified Fertilizer Applicator Recertification Webinar

The basics of soils, soil chemistry, soil morphology of VA, fertility sources and rates, as well as PPE, SDS, handling, transporting and storing fertilizers will be detailed. Each webinar participant must register as an individual (note that webinars can still be viewed as a group) and after the webinar each registrant must login individually and successfully complete a survey and quiz in order to obtain their certificate of completion.  

You are then responsible for submitting the certification to VDACS.  Instructions for submission are included in this course.

To sign up go to:

At the bottom of the page click the ENROLL ME button.  You are now enrolled in the course.

You will receive a confirmation email from  

If you do not have an eXtension account or are having issues here are more instructions.

Group Viewers: To view the webinar as a group every member of your group will need to separately register for the course prior to the webinar on November 30. On the day of the webinar, have one person from the group log into the campus site or follow the link below to view the webinar with the rest of the group. Watch the webinar and pay attention there will be a quiz to verify attendance. After the webinar is completed each person will need to log into the eXtension campus site using their ID and password to take the survey and quiz before 11:55 PM ET on Friday December 1.  

Direct link to webinar:

Certified Fertilizer Applicator Recertification Webinar is a cooperative effort of Virginia Cooperative Extension (VCE), Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (VDACS) and supported by the Virginia Turfgrass Council (VTC).

Course Completion Checklist

- Watch the Webinar November 30)                              

-Take the Survey (Nov. 30 - Dec. 1)

-Take the Quiz (Nov. 30 - Dec. 1) (Can be taken up to 3 times, must score 7 out of 10 to pass)                  

-Download Certificate (Nov. 30 -Feb 28)

-Submit Certificate to VDACS (any time)

Course instructors are Dr. Mike Goatley, Virginia Tech Turfgrass Extension Specialist and Dr. John Galbraith, Virginia Tech Soil Science Associate Professor.

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