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June 2014 meeting of the CoP membership

1. Current feature articles on our home page ( need to be updated with new ones. The same ones have been up since we started (except I swapped out the winter one with a summer one). I'm planning on using some new articles that we reviewed and have gone for copyediting:
- Salmonella and backyard chickens ( because of the recent problems with Mt. Healthy Hatchery)
- Poultry 'end of life' situations which is PC euthanasia article, especially important since some places are recommending culling any chicks from Mt. Healthy.
2. Still working on our first moodle course, having finished only one module (Starting a backyard chicken flock) which we looked at. It was suggested that I add self-quizzes to each section. I will also add a survey for those that complete the course (when it is finished).
3. Discussed timing of seminars to get more involvement. We typically do 7 PM Eastern time. We tried 8:30 PM for the composting webinar and a person from the west coast said it was too early. Since most of the participants have been from the east coast it was probably too late. We have one coming up at 6 PM on lighting and will see how that goes.
Upcoming webinars include:
- June: Lighting
- July: Behavior
- August: Anatomy and necropsies
- September: Winter care
Need topics for new webinars - Feeds and Feeding was strongly recommended.
4. Marketing ideas. It was suggested that we develop materials that can be made available for posting at different feed stores that have QR codes leading to our website. Perhaps a small pad with a short article on a specific topic such as what to feed your chickens. Perhaps some of the major feed mills will help with the distribution.
5. Perhaps we can make some short YouTube videos up, possibly taken from past webinars but 5 minutes long at most. Some new short topics were also suggested such as use of heat lamps; handling heat stress; keeping hens laying through the winter; feeds and feeding; bedding in winter
6. Discussed the problem of evaluating the impact of our involvement in eXtension especially because of the different university administrators wanting success stories for any work their faculty are involved in. It was suggested that we put popup surveys on some key articles asking some very specific, short questions.
7. We looked at google analytics to see how we are doing. It was pointed out that just under 50% of the visitors to the website our accessing it through a mobile device. We need to take this into consideration when developing material for the site.

Since the first Thursday in July is July 3, the day before a long summer weekend, we won't be having it. The next meeting with be August 7 at 3:30 PM Eastern time.


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