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Impact Collaborative Virtual Summit - Day 3 (Members Only)


Dates: 4/28/2020, 5/6/2020, & 5/15/2020
Time: 2 PM ET - 4 PM ET

This event is for eXtension Members. To check if you are an eXtension member, please take a look at our list of eXtension Member institutions here

Summit connection information and resources are available in the Impact Collaborative Group. eXtension members have access to this group. 

Purpose/Outcome: The purpose of the Summit is to position eXtension members to creatively meet their community needs through virtual programs by delving in, capturing collective wisdom, inspiring innovative thinking, and focusing on new opportunities, partnerships, solutions, tangible actions and collaborations on issues for farms, families, businesses, and communities that will exist long beyond this public health crisis.


Day 1 (April 28, 2020):


  1. Welcome and Introduction
  2. Panel Conversation
    1. Elise Lofgren, Senior Instructional Designer, Purdue University
    2. Kristi Backe, Oregon State University
    3. Craig Wood, University of Kentucky
  3. Large Group Dialogue - generate ideas
  4. Small Group issue priority setting, and selection
  5. Reports from small groups
  6. Wrap-up, preview Day 2


Between Day 1 & 2: Impact Collaborative group in Connect Extension 

  • Recording of Day 1
  • Links to Google docs from Day 1
  • Issue group sign-up sheet

Day 2 (May 6, 2020): Creating actionable solutions to try post Summit

  1. Welcome and Introduction to Day 2
  2. Small group time with Issue Leader and Key Informant support 
  • Guiding Questions 
  • What systems and structures would need to be in place for us to make progress on these ideas?
  • What needs to happen for Extension to be fully engaged in making a difference in addressing this issue?
  • Who else needs to be included?
  • What are the first/next-step actions that we should take?
  1. Small Group Reports: On what issue idea(s) did your small group focus? What is your first/next step action(s) to take?
  2. Wrap-up and preview of Day 3

Between Day 2 & 3: Impact Collaborative group in Connect Extension 

  • Recording of Day 2
  • Links to Google docs from Day 2

Day 3 (May 15, 2020): Innovation Skill-Building tools and connection to YOUR local Innovation Facilitator(s)

  1. Welcome and Introduction
  2. What is the Innovation Skill-Building toolkit and process introduction - how could you use it to move your ideas forward
  3. Innovation Facilitator as a resource for YOU!
  4. ISBE sample activity
  5. Wrap-up and next steps


Post Day 3: Impact Collaborative group in Connect Extension  

  • Recording of Day 3
  • Links to Resources shared
  • Continued engagement

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