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eXtension's Immersioneers Present: The Winter Safety Simulation Game and the REHAU MONTANA ecosmart house: Two showcase virtual learning environments for Winter 2012

This hands-on session takes the group directly into two new Virtual Learning Environments built in Second Life, guided by the immersioneers who created them. The presenters will discuss the pedagogy, process, and desired outcomes for each of the VLEs and will address strategies for educators to utilize the environments to enhance their programs. The session will aim to get all attendees live into Second Life (subject to venue bandwidth) to work in teams to explore these environments and provide feedback to the project developers. Please bring a laptop with the Second Life client installed and an active Second Life account ready for log in if you have one. Newcomers without access to Second Life are encouraged to attend and join by viewing along with one of the hands-on participants. Terry Beaubois, professional architect and Director of Creative Research Lab (CRLab) at Montana State University (MSU) is the creator of a replica of The REHAU MONTANA ecosmart house, a living laboratory for green heating and cooling technologies, located on eXensionโ€™s Morrill4 island at the Virtual State Fair. The immersive 3D build mirrors a real-world project located in Bozeman, MT (see ) The Second Life environment extends the reach of the Bozeman project to a global audience who otherwise would not be able to experience a walkthrough of this structure. LuAnn Phillips is the creator of the Winter Safety Simulation Game, located on eXtensionโ€™s Bailey island in Second Life. This Virtual Learning Environment served as the basis for her Capstone Project for a Masters Degree in Teaching with Technology from Marlboro College Graduate School in Brattleboro, VT in 2012. A portfolio about the project is located at
The project is a full-region guided tour/scavenger hunt with gaming elements and plenty of interactivity. It includes a pre-game area to raise the players level of anxiety, and an optional onboarding area for new users, customized to teach only the skills needed to complete the activity. Dmitre Raposo is eXtensionโ€™s 3D content developer, machinimatographer, and simulation manager.


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