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College Student Financial Education Project

Educators working with college or college aged young adults may want to check out this web conference on an updated resource. The NEW Love Your Money online course for college students is live ( Love Your Money’s purpose is to get students motivated and interested in managing their financial futures starting right now while they are still in school. Love Your Money is absolutely free and unbiased. Participate in the web conference to learn about how you can receive financial incentives for recruiting campuses in your state!
Here are some of the features of the new Love Your Money Financial Education online course for college students:

· Love Your Money entices students to learn more about financial issues with scenarios that are interesting and engaging. Once in the learning modules, students are introduced to fellow students facing financial crises. They follow their stories throughout the learning modules, completing activities along the way.

· Each module concludes with a short quiz that enhances the learning experience and helps students retain the information.

· Each student has a personal dashboard page where they can monitor their progress through the learning modules and can create a budget, calculate their net worth, track goals, and link to additional information.

· Instructors assigning the course also have a dashboard page where they can enter class information and monitor students’ progress. Instructors have the ability to run progress/grade reports, and can download classroom presentations and activities to expand upon and reinforce the learning concepts in each module. (If you as an Extension educator teach a financial education course to young adults at a community college or tech school, you can also sign up as an instructor and have your students enroll and use the new materials.)

Dr. Dena Wise is a Professor and Consumer Economics Specialist with The University of Tennessee Extension and PI for the Love Your Money financial education program for college students. In addition to Love Your Money, Dr. Wise works with On My Own, a financial education simulation reaching 30,000 middle and high school students annually; Turning Personal Resources Into Cash, which helps individuals find ways to supplement household income; Faith and Finances, a training program for faith leaders in providing financial assistance and counseling; and You’re Not Alone in a Financial Crisis, a public relations initiative to encourage those in financial trouble to reach out for help. Dr. Wise also coordinates integrated research and education projects on bankruptcy, savings and income production through local foods

Barbara Metzger is Project Coordinator for the Love Your Money Program and is an Extension Specialist - Family Economics with the Family and Consumer Sciences Dept of the University of Tennessee Extension. Barbara holds a master’s degree in Educational Psychology from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville and a bachelor’s degree in Business, Management and Economics from the State University of New York - Empire State College.

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