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1890 Extension Leadership Academy Prepares Future Leaders To Act As Change Agents, Creates Culture of Innovation

Rose Hayden-Smith ·
The 1890s Extension Leadership Academy (ELA) is designed to prepare future and upcoming leaders in Cooperative Extension to act as change agents, with the goal of creating a culture that encourages and sustains innovation. The academy seeks to equip leaders to respond to critical challenges proactively. The ELA is offered in collaboration with Fort Valley State University & Extension Foundation , alongside key partners from Kentucky State University and Lincoln University. The most...
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Extension Foundation 2021 Mid-Year Update

Aaron Weibe ·
We are excited to provide you with a mid-year update about the Extension Foundation and our progress towards helping Cooperative Extension (CES) make a greater impact on local issues. Funding to the Cooperative Extension System (2020-2021) $22.4M in 2020-2021 85% to LGU’s Total of $19M to LGU’s across Extension program areas Funding Sources (2020-2021): $2M EPA Pesticide Safety Education Funds Management Program (PSEFMP) 85% to LGUs $4.9M USDA-NIFA New Technologies for Ag Extension (NTAE)...
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1890 Extension Leadership Academy Graduation

MelaniePugsley ·
This month concluded the 3rd annual 1890 Extension Leadership Academy! The 1890 Extension Leadership Academy (ELA) joint venture with Fort Valley State University and Extension Foundation supports Cooperative Extension professionals in discovering innovative ideas for programmatic delivery and leadership development. The ELA incorporates tools from the Impact Collaborative and follows the framework of Google’s “Project Aristotle” to assess the characteristics of highly effective teams. The...

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