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Social Media Learning Circle w/Dr. Rose Hayden-Smith (Members Only)


This event is available to individuals from eXtension Member Institutions. A list of eXtension Member institutions is available here. For membership inquiries, please contact

When? June 9th, June 23rd, July 7th, July 21st at 2 PM ET. 

How to Register? eXtension Members have access to the Impact Collaborative program made available here in Connect Extension. To access the registration page for this event, members can click here

Hosted by Dr. Rose Hayden-Smith, eXtension Technology in Extension Education Fellow.

In this Learning Circle experience - convened via weekly interactive Zoom meetings - participants will learn about a range of social media platforms that have the potential to advance their work. 

The 4-part series includes 75-minute sessions that will be offered bi-weekly. There will be discussion about commonly used social media platforms (including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn).The platform-specific sessions will also include a discussion of native analytics. There will be a session offered on blogging (including platforms). A session will be devoted to video and tools, with an emphasis on apps that can be used with smartphones or desktop (i.e., iMovie, Loom, Hootsuite, Linktree, editorial planning apps). Part of one session will walk participants through the basics of creating a content and communications strategy that links all these things together. Best practices will be explored in each session. 

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I did register and could not find a link. I’ve clicked on several different links….and keep getting back to the registration page.


Mary - I just checked to see if you registered so I could manually send you the registration details. You are not registered. I will send you a private message. 

Where do I get the link to join the session?

Mary - it is inside the Impact Collaborative group:

"How to Register? eXtension Members have access to the Impact Collaborative program made available here in Connect Extension. To access the registration page for this event, members can click here. "

I see you are part of that group, so once you click that link - you'll see the registration button. 


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