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2 Part Webinar: Smarter Mealtimes for Early Childhood Education Settings

Part I: Introducing the Smarter Mealtimes Scorecard for Early Childhood Education Settings

The Smarter Lunchrooms Movement National Office is excited to introduce the Smarter Mealtimes Scorecard for early childhood settings. After working in school lunchrooms nationwide for nearly a decade and receiving many requests and questions about Smarter Lunchrooms application for daycare centers, HeadStart, and homecare, we’re proud to share this versatile, easy-to-use tool that is adaptable to various early childhood education (ECE) environments. The Smarter Mealtimes Scorecard showcases 20 research-based strategies to encourage young children to try and consume healthy foods. Join the Smarter Lunchrooms National Office Curriculum Designer, Erin Sharp, MS, MAT, and Smarter Mealtimes Program Coordinator, Heather Hodson for an overview of the purpose, audience, and development of the tool. They will also highlight select strategies and share supplemental toolsβ€”both current and forthcoming.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the goals and development of the Smarter Mealtimes Movement, including collaborating partners.
  • Identify the goals, structure, and content of the Smarter Mealtimes Scorecard.
  • Showcase three of the Scorecard strategies, with suggestions for application in various early childhood education settings.
  • Review present and forthcoming supplemental resources to support the Scorecard strategies.

Part II: The 20 Strategies of the Smarter Mealtimes Scorecard

This webinar will run directly after the previous webinar. In it, Erin and Heather will review each of the 20 strategies, with tips for applying each strategy in a variety of ECE settings. The webinar will also provide best practices for administering the Scorecard, whether in a large childcare center with many staff members on hand or in a home with only one caretaker present. This webinar can be used as an ECE training tool. NOTE: If you joined Part I, do not disconnect to attend part II. Simply stay in the webinar room until Erin and Heather begin.

Learning Objectives:

  • Explain each of the 20 strategies of the Smarter Mealtimes Scorecard, with suggestions for application in various early childhood education settings.
  • Discuss best practices for completing the Scorecard in various early childhood education settings.

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