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Investing in Community Resilience Series - Trauma-Informed Practice: Moving From Knowledge to Action (Learning Circle) - eXtension Members Only


Investing in Community Resilience Series - Trauma-Informed Practice: Moving From Knowledge to Action (Learning Circle) - eXtension Members Only

We believe it is critical to acknowledge what is happening to our communities. From the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic that has taken many lives, to the systemic racism and inequalities that continue to deeply affect communities of color, we are seeing trauma in a multitude of ways. 

Our mission is to serve the U.S. Cooperative Extension System by partnering to make a greater collective impact and promote accessibility to all communities across the nation.  We are committed to fostering inclusive work where diversity is welcomed, encouraged, and leveraged for growth, new knowledge, and community vitality.

The eXtension Foundation will continue to do what it does best - create opportunities for Cooperative Extension to engage in dialogue, learn from one another, and help identify next steps in addressing these challenges.

Please join us on Wednesday, August 12th from 3-4pm ET for the first Learning Circle of theInvesting in Community Resilience web series. Connect with others from around the country who are integrating ACEs and trauma science into their work in order to bring about stronger, healthier communities. 

eXtension Members Can Find the Registration Here in the Impact Collaborative Subgroup

How is a Learning Circle different from a webinar? In a Learning Circle, we'll be using a standard Zoom meeting room and working in small groups to discuss questions surrounding ACEs and trauma science. Participants will work across sectors to learn more from one another about using ACEs and trauma science for more effective practice. 

Investing In Community Resilience: Deploying Trauma-Informed Practice for Funders & Capacity Builders

As an Extension professional, your passion for building just, healthy, resilient communities is evident. Until recently, we have been missing critical information that can help us develop best practices to achieve such a goal. 

Today, the science is clear – adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and trauma can impact the brain and body, contributing to a host of negative outcomes in all aspects of life. Some effects can even be passed from generation to generation. In the last two decades, we have come to understand that ACEs and trauma are pervasive and distributed inequitably among vulnerable communities. 

The good news is that trauma-informed, healing-centered practice can hold the keys to preventing and mitigating these impacts. Researchers, service providers, philanthropists, policymakers, community residents, and others are coming together to build a movement for resilient communities, improving outcomes in areas as divergent as health care, education, and criminal justice.

In partnership with the Scattergood Foundation, the eXtension Foundation is providing an exclusive 10-month learning series opportunity for eXtension Members focused on how Extension Professionals can use ACEs and trauma science to improve community outcomes. 

This series will guide the conversation around how communities can deploy resources in creative ways to build knowledge and capacity throughout the human-serving field. The series will be delivered in three parts, each of which will include two educational webinars and one interactive learning circle:

Part 2: Trauma-Informed Practice: Moving from Knowledge to Action
June, July, August 2020

In Part 2, we explored: 

  • Examples of organizations and communities that have used trauma-informed, healing-centered practice to improve outcomes
  • Considerations and methods for program evaluation

Learning Circle 2: Trauma-Informed Practice: Moving from Knowledge to Action
August 12th, 2020
3 PM - 4 PM ET

Connect with philanthropy and Extension professionals for an interactive learning circle to discuss the concepts explored in the third and fourth webinars of the Investing in Community Resilience series.

Save the Date for the Fifth Webinar: Trauma-Informed Cross-Sector Networks

September 16th, 2020
3 PM - 4 PM ET
Registration will be available soon for eXtension Members

Join us to learn from nonprofit organizations and Extension professionals about building collaboration across sectors to expand the trauma-informed movement.

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