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Community Gardens

Lunch ‘n Learn Webinars

Wednesdays 12:30pm-1:15pm EST

(30 mins presentation, 15 mins questions)

June 25th  Gardening with Benefits: How Belonging to a Garden Network Can Help Your Own Garden Thrive

Susan Sides, Diana McCall, Adam Bigelow, The Western NC Alliance for Gardens that Give

The more diversity something has, the more stability, strength, resiliency and beauty it possesses. That’s true of such things as microorganisms, flowers, herbs, insects, and birds and it’s also true for gardens that are connected to their broader community. In Western North Carolina, gardens that grow food and give it away have come together to form a network that gives each garden the stability, strength, resiliency and beauty that would be impossible had they remained disconnected.

This webinar will cover topics such as management of a garden network, how much time is involved, and keeping group momentum as well as benefits of and planning for garden tours. Anyone who is thinking about starting a garden network (big or small!), who is already part of a garden network or who wants to be inspired by what can happen when people come together to grow good food will benefit from this conversation!

Join us to hear from 3 garden managers that are part of the Gardens that Give Network in Western NC.

No Registration Required. 

To join webinars online, simply click on the link below at the date and time of the webinar you wish to attend. To hear the audio portion of the webinar you can either use your computer speakers OR you call-in via telephone: 571-392-7703 (PIN: 87 672 045 568)

We strongly recommend you test your computer’s connection several hours prior to the webinar to ensure you have the correct software installed.   Click here now  to test your system.

Here is a helpful orientation video with more information.

Please contact Lisa (Poser) Valdivia with any questions:, 336-285-4622

Webinars will be recorded and archived at and

These sessions are hosted by The Cooperative Extension Program at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University and the North Carolina Community Garden Partners.

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