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Using Mass Media for Extension Messaging

This group is for a 2019-2020 New Technologies for Ag Extension (NTAE) project led by the National Pesticide Safety Education center with partial support from the eXtension Foundation. The project is focused on using Mass Media - radio and digital ads- to drive the public to Extension resources.

Prairie View A&M Cooperative Extension Campaign Week 1-6 Metrics are in!


It's been an exciting run - our Prairie View A&M Cooperative Extension Pilot has concluded on our radio and digital networks. 

Below are the metrics from our radio and digital outreach initiatives:


  •, the campaign landing page received a total of 2,732 website views during the six weeks.
  • Radio messaging brought in a total of 1,243 unique website visitors, and our digital providers brought in a total of 1,489 unique website visitors 
  • 27 people visited the PVAMU website after visiting
  • 162 people provided their email addresses to learn more about our spotlight content (Pollinator Prep Guide, Pollinator Personality Quiz & Pollinator Garden Blueprint).
  • Over the six week pilot, our radio messaging through the Texas State Network (which broadcasted across the entire state of Texas) reached 21,411,900 people.
  • Over the six week pilot, our radio messaging through the Gow Media network (which broadcasted in the Houston area) reached 1,270,500 people.
  • Our banner ads displayed through Learfield IMG on college sports websites garnered 1,181 total clicks (these are people who saw the banner ad and clicked through at least once to
  • 620 people read our three Culture Map articles, spending an average of 3 minutes, 27 seconds on the first article published on June 25, 2020; 2 minutes 50 seconds on the second article published on July 8, 2020; and 2 minutes, 39 seconds on the 3rd article published on July 22, 2020.  


We are thrilled to review these metrics in detail during our upcoming eXtension webinar, scheduled for Tuesday, August 25, 2020 at 3PM EST. Please stay tuned for more information about this upcoming webinar, as well as the outcome of our social media initiatives on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

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