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April 2020

COVID-19 and Social Distancing Study

Dr. Daisy Fancourt at University College London (UCL) is conducting a study to explore the effects of COVID-19 and social distancing on mental health. In partnership with UCL, the University of Florida Center for Arts in Medicine and Americans for the Arts Action Fund are extending the study to the U.S. This study tracks mental health on a weekly basis, and investigates what activities – including arts and culture activities - may mitigate against mental health decline within social...

eXtension RFP for Climate/Extreme Weather Fellowship

Cooperative Extension is positioned to be the leading national resource with the most experience with on-the-ground implementation of conservation-based programming. The eXtension Climate Coalition proposes creating a Fellowship effort as a short-term project dedicated to the compilation of program data across the Cooperative Extension System (CES). The fellow(s), which could be one or two, will identify programming that is currently being implemented that aligns with Project Drawdown, other...

ICYMI - Answering the Call: The Role of Extension After an Emergency

Last week, the Southern Jagriculture team from Southern University Ag Research & Extension center joined us and delivered an EXCELLENT webinar on the role of Extension after an emergency. Utilizing the historic 2016 Louisiana Flood as their conceptual lens, this webinar focused on their individual efforts as second responders, SUAREC’s response to help mitigate future losses, the role and linkage of Extension professional as second responders, and much more. This team has been an active...

How To Adjust Your Notification Settings in Connect Extension

I had a couple of people recently ask about adjusting their email notification preferences for Connect Extension, so I thought I'd share this with everyone! You have control over your own settings - how many or how few notifications you wish to receive. 1. On the navigation bar, hover over your name and choose Notifications from the drop-down menu. 2. You'll come to the Notification Settings screen, where you'll see three tabs: Settings, Follows, and Group Follows . On the Settings tab, you...


About the Extension Foundation

The Extension Foundation is a non-profit designed to be the engine fueling U.S. Cooperative Extension’s advancement in making a more visible and measurable impact in support of education outreach from land-grant universities/colleges located in every state and territory. Extension Foundation is embedded in the U.S. Cooperative Extension System and serves on the Extension Committee on Organization and Policy (ECOP). The Foundation provides an array of opportunities for Extension professionals that foster innovation creation, the adoption of innovations at member institutions, and increased impact of Extension programs. This work is supported by your membership dollars and funding from USDA-NIFA, grant no. 2020-41595-30123. For more information on Extension Foundation membership, please visit You can also find our Terms of Servicee here

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