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Virtual and In-Person Volunteer in Trinidad and Tobago


While some travel restrictions are still in effect, there are opportunities for virtual and/or in-person volunteer through USAID’s Farmer-to-Farmer (F2F) project in Trinidad and Tobago. During the COVID-19 pandemic, how we implement the F2F program has had to adjust and is temporarily offering virtual/remote assignments that will meet the needs of Trinbagonians. Currently, the borders are open to visitors and they are currently distributing COVID vaccines with the hopes of vaccinating ~70% of the population over the next few months. That means our partners will be interested in holding in-person hands-on training sessions towards the end of the year.

The assignments below will pair a local (Trinbagonian) volunteer with a US volunteer to collaborate throughout the duration of the assignment. The local volunteer will be your guide to the local culture, assist in content development, and give you insight/feedback throughout the training program.

Your skills and knowledge are needed for the following assignments:

  1. Principles and Guidelines for Creating Extension Materials for Youth
  2. Proposal Writing
  3. Healthy Food Production through Backyard Gardening
  4. Creation of a Healthy Food Awareness Drive
  5. Commercial Poultry Production – Chicken Egg
  6. Commercial Poultry Production – Turkey Meat
  7. Commercial Sheep (Meat & Milk) Production
  8. Commercial Goat (Meat & Milk) Production
  9. Multimedia Skills for Virtual Tours
  10. Alternative and Low-Cost Irrigation Methods
  11. Fertilization and Fertigation Methods
  12. Farm Planning
  13. Marketing Strategies for Small Agro-processors
  14. Online Sales of Fresh Produce and Processed Goods
  15. Intro to Online Sales Platforms
  16. Climate Smart Irrigation Methods
  17. Organic Cocoa Farming System
  18. Nutrient Management Techniques for Greenhouses
  19. Joint Marketing
  20. Hydroponics for Vegetables
  21. Agricultural Extension through Technology
  22. Online Extension Programmes
  23. Media Management and Cataloguing
  24. Agribusiness Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Click here to go to the Purdue F2F Trinidad and Tobago webpage, read about the assignments, and apply. If you have questions, please contact me.

Amanda Dickson, Farmer-to-Farmer Trinidad and Tobago Program Director

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