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Dynamic Discussion 2023 Overview

We're wrapping up an exceptional year of Dynamic Discussion sessions! Throughout this year, the Extension Foundation brought together professionals from Cooperative Extension and beyond to explore a diverse array of topics. Dynamic Discussion provides a platform to learn perspectives, exchange ideas, and creates a space for conenction and sharing.  Together, we've discussed into new ideas, gained insights, and contemplated the future of Extension.

The discussions this year covered topics such as mental wellness, Grassroot Engagement and Social Justice, Coming Together for Racial Understanding Experience, communicating about climate change, engaging Latino audiences, workforce development, artificial intelligence, and preparing Extension for a demographic shift.

We thank the presenters and everyone who participated to this year and we anticipate another year of continued learning and growth in 2024!

Access the recorded sessions from 2023 in our video resource library below. Please note that this exclusive offering is available solely for Extension Foundation members.

2023 Dynamic Discussion Sessions:

January: Purposeful Discussions on Racial Differences Practical Strategies for Individuals and Organizations.

This session was facilitated by a team of panelists who explore personal practices and approaches to help work through discomfort, dissonance or fears experienced when we enter dialogue across differences.

February:Dynamic Discussions: The University’s Front Door: Leading from Where You Are to Unlock the LGU Campus Door to Communities

This discussion continues the conversation about the Future of Extension and Land-Grant Universities. Look at strategies for leading and engaging all campus resources to support our work.

Artificial Intelligence in the News

In this session, explore examples, ideas, concerns, and critical thinking questions about possible ways to incorporate AI into your Extension work.

April: Extension Transformation: preparing for the next 100 years

A panel discussion from across the Extension and higher education system in a discussion and exchange of ideas around demographic trends, shifts in programming, and impacts on human resource management and staffing within the Extension system.

May: Best Practices to Reach Out to Latinos

During this session, Ricardo Vela shared his insights on understanding Latino audiences, discerning their needs and priorities, and using the most impactful methods to connect with them

Climate Change and Science Communication Part 2: Putting it into Practice

This session includes brief recap of Part 1, a deeper dive into communication science, and a communication activity to put an important science communication technique - bridging and pivoting - into practice.  

July: Teaching the Land Grant Tradition to Graduate Students: Research, Teaching, and Outreach/Engagement

The presenters shared their experience in developing and leading the Community Seminar Series (CSS): a collaboration between the Interdisciplinary Health Sciences Institute and University of Illinois Extension.

August: Grassroot Engagements and Social Justice through Cooperative Extension

A session centered around concepts of social justice and democratic engagement within Extension as discussed in the book of the same title.

Building Emotional Resiliency and Identity Awareness for Purposeful Discussions on Differences, Part 2

The panelist led participants through a framework to help work through discomfort, dissonance or fears experienced when we enter dialogue across differences.

October: Continuing the Conversation about Mental Wellness.

Facilitators emphasized the significance of mental wellness, building resilience, effective communication, and active listening in coping with loss and grief, and explored the importance of mental well-being in the aftermath of a disaster.

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