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3 Steps


On our journey through life sometimes we get stuck. We don't know what step to take next. It's in these moments of friction that growth happens. Here are 3 steps that can help us get unstuck & back on track to being the person we want to become!

"Know thyself." -H.D. Thoreau

Affirm (or discover) your personality traits or your core values. Self-awareness is a great trait to hone. Getting back in touch with ourselves, our DNA, can be just the reminder that we are enough and will always be enough. What would the person you want to be do in any given situation? Just do that!

Own it!

What's your favorite pitchers batting average? We have no idea because that's not why they're on the team. They're spot on the team is to strike out batters not hit home runs. Affirm (or discover) your strengths. Embrace them. Develop them by playing to yours & it will create opportunities for others to play to there's. Focusing on strength is the only way to be truly effective!

Good to Great

Thanks Jim Collins! We need others to accomplish anything in life. Getting the right people, who are on the team for the right reasons, in the right seats will unleash the collective talents of the team. Our values exist in our actions and help us find the right seat with the right team.

How cool would it be if we all knew ourselves really well, weren't afraid to step into our strengths and embraced collaboration? Know yourself well enough to love yourself otherwise you'll be working against insecurities. Own your very few strengths and grow them to be amazing. You will reach your goals by becoming more of who you already are!

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