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May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month and Central State University Land-Grant is proud to highlight the work of Dr. Pratibha Gupta. Central State University’s STEM department is comprised of professors from all around the world. One of those professors is Pratibha Gupta Ph.D. Research Associate Professor, Food Nutrition and Health A.R.D.P Extension State Specialist, Family and Consumer Science Nutritional Biochemistry College of Engineering, Science, Technology and...

Navigating the Grocery Store Aisle and Creating a Food Marketing Game: An Extension Project Update

Navigating the grocery store aisle is challenging for many consumers—especially those who want to buy the most nutritious food. Food manufacturers and distributors cover their boxes, cans, and bottles of processed foods with labels like “organic,” “all natural,” and “no sugar added” to suggest that their food has certain health benefits. But these labels are intended to improve product sales, not necessarily help consumers make healthy food choices. And when food marketing labels seem to...

Run the Experiment!

Remembering a venture into the Agile software development "pairing" concept. January 2018 After the holiday break, we found ourselves rested but in need of new focus. So naturally, we scheduled a meeting. The agenda was simple; bring your best ideas. After absorbing some of the wisdom inside Richard Sheridan’s " Joy, Inc." , my excitement had peaked for new possibilities. After all, the first quarter of each year is a great time to recapture momentum. Our small team procures, delivers &...

Get better at anything!

Had the good fortune of carving out some time to finish a book that has made a quick impact on my life; " Triggers " by Marshall Goldsmith. The most powerful aspect of this book for me was self questioning . Heard about this technique from one of his social media posts & had been half-heartedly going through the motions of this technique. I needed some coaching on it for sure. He states that active questions make the most difference because of how they frame the responsibility. They...


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